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Descriptor: Apiculus color at post-harvest(pre-2007) (apco_rev_post_pre2007)

Color of apiculus (tip of the lemma or palea) at post-harvest. Observed in all species.
Post-harvest Stage
Crop Germplasm Committee approved
Data Type:
Alpha/numeric descriptor
Maximum Length:
Responsible Site:
International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

Studies or environments

Distribution of Values for Apiculus color at post-harvest(pre-2007) (apco_rev_post_pre2007)

CodeDefinitionNumber of Accessions
010 White19
011 Whitish5
020 Straw16945
050 Brown (tawny)122
051 Light Brown8
052 Brown1188
071 Red apex1152
080 Purple9737
087 Purple apex1894
100 Black675
101 Black Apex2
999 Mixture281

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