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RICE accessions
Code: Mixture

Selected item(s) below:

024213IRGC 24213 NEP PHATOryza sativa L. Vietnam999 IRGC 24213 **24213
131993IRGC 31993 PULUT KOTUOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 1993WS 213 CHA SD1033091
232235IRGC 32235 NEP RUOI HUONGOryza sativa L. Vietnam999 IRGC 32235 **32235
332246IRGC 32246 NEP TIENOryza sativa L. Vietnam999 IRGC 32246 **32246
435012IRGC 35012 LALIOryza sativa L. India999 IRGC 35012 **35012
543448IRGC 43448 KETAN SELEMOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 1993WS 289 CHA SD1034613
666613IRGC 66613 PULUT SILEMENGOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 1990WS 5367 CHA SD1042100
766859IRGC 66859 KETAN BENGAWANOryza sativa L. 999 1993WS 1555 CHA SD1042282
879723IRGC 79723 WEI BA HEOryza sativa L. China999 1995WS 1423 CHA SD1050697
989449IRGC 89449 CHAO HOODOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 635 CHA SD1059707
1090098IRGC 90098 Mak hinOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1308 CHA SD1060364
1190154IRGC 90154 NAM KHAOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1364 CHA SD1060423
1293761IRGC 93761 Daep hamOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1948 CHA SD1063399
1395698IRGC 95698 RAMIRODONAOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 2002WS 1749 CHA SD1065404
1495838IRGC 95838 KHAO HAUKOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1068 CHA SD1065551

International Rice Genebank Germplasm Distribution and Exchange Policy

IRRI continues the free international exchange of germplasm, in accordance with the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA). We provide rice in small quantities to any entity or establishment for research, breeding, or training for food and agriculture purposes; free of charge. At the same time, we gratefully receive seed contributions to add to our collection.

The procedure for acquiring seeds from IRRI are as follows:
1. Read, study and comply with Standard Material Transfer Agreement(SMTA).
2. Inquire, search and choose accessions through GRIN-Global or Genesys websites.
3. Submit requests electronically through the public websites (refer to #2)