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RICE accessions
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0566IRGC 566 PERURUTONG NBOryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2556 CHA SD1029812
1754IRGC 754 PERURUTONG NB AOryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2557 CHA SD1029829
23846IRGC 3846 KINANDANG ITIMOryza sativa L. 089 2008WS 2378 CHA SD1029950
35156IRGC 5156 APOSTOLOryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2235 CHA SD1030024
45997IRGC 5997 APOSTOLOryza sativa L. 089 2008WS 2236 CHA SD1030129
511874IRGC 11874 KAMOryza sativa L. Laos089 2008WS 1118 CHA SD1030565
616446IRGC 16446 KETAN DJINTENOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2008WS 973 CHA SD1031221
719447IRGC 19447 MALAGKIT 1Oryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2477 CHA SD1032006
819449IRGC 19449 MALAGKIT ITIMOryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2479 CHA SD1032008
919450IRGC 19450 MALKITRAN (MALAGKIT)Oryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2502 CHA SD1032009
1023923IRGC 23923 KALI MARSHIOryza sativa L. Nepal089 2008WS 1570 CHA SD1032293
1136583IRGC 36583 KHAO NAHNG MAWM 783Oryza sativa L. Thailand089 2010WS 450 CHA SD1033621
1238622IRGC 38622 USHOryza sativa L. Bhutan089 2009WS 1786 CHA SD1033879
1343720IRGC 43720 LAKATAN HIRANGOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2009WS 1122 CHA SD1034729
1444297IRGC 44297 BALLATINAOOryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2250 CHA SD1034820
1544298IRGC 44298 BALLATINAO (DIKET)Oryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2252 CHA SD1034822
1644779IRGC 44779 TININTA (MALAGKIT)Oryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2610 CHA SD1034994
1746095IRGC 46095 KEDARKANDIOryza sativa L. India089 2009WS 967 CHA SD1035088
1847267IRGC 47267 MALAD KETOryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2451 CHA SD1035243
1947762IRGC 47762 HAHNG MAHOryza sativa L. Thailand089 2008WS 1803 CHA SD1035379
2048178IRGC 48178 KHAO MAIOryza sativa L. Thailand089 2007WS 3501 CHA SD1035533
2153987IRGC 53987 IC 25729Oryza sativa L. India089 2009WS 810 CHA SD1036776
2256198IRGC 56198 ES 64Oryza sativa L. 089 2008WS 1723 CHA SD1037582
2360389IRGC 60389 PADONG PULUTOryza sativa L. Malaysia089 2008WS 1421 CHA SD1038836
2460600IRGC 60600 MALILOM D TOryza sativa L. Philippines089 2010WS 379 CHA SD1039095
2562072IRGC 62072 MAMEWO 2Oryza sativa L. Sierra Leone089 2008WS 1641 CHA SD1039846
2663508IRGC 63508 DEMBAREMBAOryza sativa L. Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe089 2008WS 2218 CHA SD1040296
2765844IRGC 65844 GLIB MEKOryza sativa L. Thailand089 2007WS 3477 CHA SD1041296
2866562IRGC 66562 IE MATA CICEMOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2009WS 812 CHA SD1042033
2967455IRGC 67455 BEEM MELEWOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2008WS 918 CHA SD1042460
3073403IRGC 73403 DAENG SE LEUADOryza sativa L. Thailand089 2008WS 1767 CHA SD1045129
3179801IRGC 79801 XUE HE AI ZHAOOryza sativa L. China089 2010WS 86 CHA SD1050780
3280385IRGC 80385 DINORADOOryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2328 CHA SD1051392
3380389IRGC 80389 INABACAOryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2349 CHA SD1051398
3481692IRGC 81692 NFITE (BEIRA)Oryza sativa L. 089 2008WS 1515 CHA SD1052395
3581734IRGC 81734 MALAGKITOryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2465 CHA SD1052685
3682567IRGC 82567 Phon sangOryza sativa L. Laos089 2007WS 2940 CHA SD1053328
3784077IRGC 84077 DAMNOEUB KUL CHEKOryza sativa L. Cambodia089 2008WS 618 CHA SD1054929
3892406IRGC 92406 HAHNG MAHNAIOryza sativa L. Thailand089 2007WS 3479 CHA SD1062730
3992563IRGC 92563 MALAGKIT (BUTIK)Oryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2475 CHA SD1062911
4094233IRGC 94233 NEANG CHHMAROryza sativa L. Cambodia089 2007WS 2598 CHA SD1063886
4196125IRGC 96125 MALAGKIT (ITIM)Oryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2476 CHA SD1065861
4297482IRGC 97482 KAUK HNYIN MYEIKOryza sativa L. Myanmar089 2008WS 1526 CHA SD1067354
4397853IRGC 97853 AZUCENAOryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2245 CHA SD1067741
4497932IRGC 97932 SINAMUNLONGOryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2596 CHA SD1067825
45109110IRGC 109110 MALANDIOryza sativa L. Philippines089 2008WS 2496 CHA SD1073743
46110456IRGC 110456 PADI TAMBIOryza sativa L. Malaysia089 2009WS 1482 CHA SD1075202
47111173IRGC 111173 PADI BARISOryza sativa L. Malaysia089 2007WS 3142 CHA SD1076077
48111174IRGC 111174 PADI BARITOryza sativa L. Malaysia089 2007WS 3143 CHA SD1076078
49111190IRGC 111190 PERUBAK SALANGOryza sativa L. Malaysia089 2007WS 3328 CHA SD1076095
50111351IRGC 111351 MALAWANOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2007WS 2783 CHA SD1076259
51111355IRGC 111355 CHACHI AMANOryza sativa L. Bangladesh089 2007WS 2073 CHA SD1076263
52111377IRGC 111377 NGACHEIKMEOryza sativa L. Myanmar089 2007WS 2424 CHA SD1076285
53111422IRGC 111422 JAANAMOryza sativa L. Bhutan089 2007WS 2172 CHA SD1076331
54111423IRGC 111423 JAAMAPOryza sativa L. Bhutan089 2007WS 2171 CHA SD1076332
55111424IRGC 111424 JANABOryza sativa L. Bhutan089 2007WS 2173 CHA SD1076333
56111425IRGC 111425 JANAMOryza sativa L. Bhutan089 2007WS 2174 CHA SD1076334
57111426IRGC 111426 JANAPOryza sativa L. Bhutan089 2007WS 2175 CHA SD1076335
58111427IRGC 111427 JANAPOryza sativa L. Bhutan089 2007WS 2176 CHA SD1076336
59111439IRGC 111439 MALING GAYNEOryza sativa L. Bhutan089 2007WS 2194 CHA SD1076348
60112421IRGC 112421 KHAO SHANOryza sativa L. Myanmar089 2007WS 2363 CHA SD1077368
61112473IRGC 112473 PARAI HIVANOryza sativa L. Malaysia089 2007WS 3305 CHA SD1077427
62112478IRGC 112478 PARAI LONG WAIOryza sativa L. Malaysia089 2007WS 3312 CHA SD1077432
63112479IRGC 112479 PARAI SIAMOryza sativa L. Malaysia089 2007WS 3316 CHA SD1077433
64112626IRGC 112626 BLAU PHUNG CONGOryza sativa L. 089 2007WS 3619 CHA SD1077597
65112666IRGC 112666 KHAU LECOryza sativa L. 089 2007WS 3706 CHA SD1077639
66112667IRGC 112667 KHAU LECHOryza sativa L. 089 2007WS 3708 CHA SD1077640
67112742IRGC 112742 BIAW GIAM SIAMOryza sativa L. Thailand089 2007WS 3448 CHA SD1077720
68112897IRGC 112897 TAPULOryza sativa L. Philippines089 2007WS 1910 CHA SD1077876
69112902IRGC 112902 DAMNOEUB KHMAOOryza sativa L. Cambodia089 2007WS 2560 CHA SD1077881
70112931IRGC 112931 BA GIANOryza sativa L. Vietnam089 2007WS 3581 CHA SD1077910
71113469IRGC 113469 PADI BABALATIKOryza sativa L. Malaysia089 2007WS 3133 CHA SD1078472
72113512IRGC 113512 SAB 96-53Oryza sativa L. Malaysia089 2007WS 3378 CHA SD1078518
73113552IRGC 113552 KETAN HITAMOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2007WS 2758 CHA SD1078561
74113704IRGC 113704 PULUT KETAMOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2007WS 2820 CHA SD1078703
75113849IRGC 113849 LAWHIDOryza sativa L. Philippines089 2007WS 1802 CHA SD1078852
76114450IRGC 114450 KAUK HNYINOryza sativa L. Myanmar089 2007WS 2276 CHA SD1079466
77114452IRGC 114452 KAUK HNYIN SABAOryza sativa L. Myanmar089 2007WS 2280 CHA SD1079468
78114513IRGC 114513 BAKAT DARAOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2007WS 2724 CHA SD1079529
79114517IRGC 114517 HUMBANG INAIOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2007WS 2740 CHA SD1079533
80114525IRGC 114525 KETAN HITAMOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2007WS 2759 CHA SD1079541
81114531IRGC 114531 KETAN SARUOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2007WS 2765 CHA SD1079547
82114539IRGC 114539 MUNAENOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2007WS 2788 CHA SD1079555
83114579IRGC 114579 TALUN TALABIENOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2007WS 2862 CHA SD1079596
84114697IRGC 114697 PADI BAKONGOryza sativa L. Malaysia089 2007WS 3135 CHA SD1079714
85114704IRGC 114704 PADI DUKONG SANTAPOryza sativa L. Malaysia089 2007WS 3177 CHA SD1079721
86114740IRGC 114740 PULUT BAKUNGOryza sativa L. Malaysia089 2007WS 3332 CHA SD1079762
87114750IRGC 114750 PULUT SIAMANGOryza sativa L. Malaysia089 2007WS 3349 CHA SD1079772
88114931IRGC 114931 MAINTIMBOTRY VAVENTYOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2007WS 2994 CHA SD1079962
89115277IRGC 115277 PADI HITAMOryza sativa L. Malaysia089 2007WS 3195 CHA SD1080324
90115320IRGC 115320 COI TUNG RLINHOryza sativa L. Vietnam089 2007WS 3653 CHA SD1080371
91115478IRGC 115478 PONOryza sativa L. Laos089 2009WS 1565 CHA SD1080536
92115516IRGC 115516 PADI BERUANGOryza sativa L. Malaysia089 2007WS 3157 CHA SD1080574
93116836IRGC 116836 IR 84629-147 MPOryza sativa L. 089 2007WS 1257 CHA SD1081916
94116857IRGC 116857 IR 84629-252 MPOryza sativa L. 089 2007WS 1288 CHA SD1081937
95116944IRGC 116944 GOURKAJALOryza sativa L. Bangladesh089 2007WS 2089 CHA SD1082022
96117136IRGC 117136 KAMOryza sativa L. Laos089 2007WS 2914 CHA SD1082215
97117152IRGC 117152 MAK YOMOryza sativa L. Laos089 2007WS 2922 CHA SD1082231
98117154IRGC 117154 PONG KHAIOryza sativa L. Laos089 2007WS 2942 CHA SD1082233
99117161IRGC 117161 EA LOUPOryza sativa L. Laos089 2007WS 2909 CHA SD1082243
100117164IRGC 117164 PHAEOryza sativa L. Laos089 2007WS 2936 CHA SD1082246
101117202IRGC 117202 SA AYOryza sativa L. Laos089 2008WS 1167 CHA SD1082286
102117213IRGC 117213 LG-8637Oryza sativa L. Laos089 2008WS 1142 CHA SD1082297
103117243IRGC 117243 PHAE HOMOryza sativa L. Laos089 2008WS 1164 CHA SD1082327
104117269IRGC 117269 LI JIANG XIN TUAN HEI GUOryza sativa L. 089 2008WS 751 CHA SD1082634
105117371IRGC 117371 B 6144-MR-6-0-0Oryza sativa L. Laos089 2009WS 532 CHA SD1082752
106117425IRGC 117425 ARC 10497::IRGC 12485-1Oryza sativa L. 089 2011WS 86 CHA SD1082809
107117426IRGC 117426 ARC 13829::IRGC 42469-1Oryza sativa L. 089 2011WS 91 CHA SD1082810
108117716IRGC 117716 DM 56Oryza sativa L. 089 2011WS 793 CHA SD1083100
109117724IRGC 117724 DV 123Oryza sativa L. 089 2011WS 808 CHA SD1083108
110117776IRGC 117776 KANIRANGAOryza sativa L. 089 2011WS 1137 CHA SD1083160
111117810IRGC 117810 M. BLATECOryza sativa L. 089 2011WS 1232 CHA SD1083194
112117852IRGC 117852 PIRINAE 69Oryza sativa L. 089 2012WS 2283 CHA SD1083236
113117862IRGC 117862 RIKUTO NORIN 21Oryza sativa L. 089 2011WS 1654 CHA SD1083246
114117953IRGC 117953 AMBANIRAVINAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1601 CHA SD1083345
115117983IRGC 117983 BEMAVO OU BENAPANGAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1631 CHA SD1083404
116117991IRGC 117991 BERANDIANAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1639 CHA SD1083420
117118002IRGC 118002 BORYOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1650 CHA SD1083442
118118006IRGC 118006 BOTOHAVANAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1654 CHA SD1083450
119118016IRGC 118016 BOTRA KELY MANGA SOMOTRAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1664 CHA SD1083470
120118017IRGC 118017 BOTRA KELY MANGA SOMOTRAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1665 CHA SD1083472
121118018IRGC 118018 BOTRA KELY MENAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1666 CHA SD1083474
122118019IRGC 118019 BOTRA KELY MENAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1667 CHA SD1083476
123118020IRGC 118020 BOTRAKELY MADINIKAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1668 CHA SD1083478
124118021IRGC 118021 BOTRIKELYOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1669 CHA SD1083480
125118039IRGC 118039 FANDRAMPOTSYOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1687 CHA SD1083516
126118044IRGC 118044 FOTSIKELYOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1692 CHA SD1083526
127118058IRGC 118058 FOTSITARITARIKAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1706 CHA SD1083554
128118064IRGC 118064 HARONGANAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1712 CHA SD1083566
129118085IRGC 118085 KALILA LAVAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1739 CHA SD1083608
130118091IRGC 118091 KAREROOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1745 CHA SD1083620
131118102IRGC 118102 KIVIRAVINA MANGAKELYOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1756 CHA SD1083640
132118107IRGC 118107 LAITRAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1761 CHA SD1083650
133118108IRGC 118108 LAITRAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1762 CHA SD1083652
134118109IRGC 118109 LAITRAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1763 CHA SD1083654
135118131IRGC 118131 MADINIKAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1785 CHA SD1083697
136118132IRGC 118132 MADINIKAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1786 CHA SD1083699
137118146IRGC 118146 MAKALIOKAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1800 CHA SD1083727
138118154IRGC 118154 MAKALIOKA MENAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1808 CHA SD1083743
139118179IRGC 118179 MANGA TAOLANAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1833 CHA SD1083789
140118194IRGC 118194 MASOKIBOBO NA BOTRYOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1848 CHA SD1083819
141118217IRGC 118217 MENAMONGOOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1871 CHA SD1083863
142118253IRGC 118253 RANJON'OMBYOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1913 CHA SD1083929
143118299IRGC 118299 TELORIRANAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1959 CHA SD1084018
144118305IRGC 118305 TELOVOLANAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1965 CHA SD1084030
145118326IRGC 118326 TSIASISALAHYOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 1986 CHA SD1084071
146118392IRGC 118392 VARY BOTRY MANGAMASOOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 2058 CHA SD1084190
147118475IRGC 118475 VAZAKONANDRIANAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2012WS 2141 CHA SD1084335
148120851IRGC 120851 DHALA BHADOI::IRGC 66779-1Oryza sativa L. 089 2011WS 769 CHA SD1087099
149120905IRGC 120905 CAMPONI SML::IRGC 50640-1Oryza sativa L. 089 2012WS 2233 CHA SD1087153
150120944IRGC 120944 DV 123::IRGC 8861-1Oryza sativa L. 089 2011WS 809 CHA SD1087192
151121049IRGC 121049 MAKALIOKA::IRGC 77864-1Oryza sativa L. 089 2012WS 2158 CHA SD1087297
152121276IRGC 121276 BAGETAULI::IRGC 61909-1Oryza sativa L. 089 2012WS 2191 CHA SD1087523
153121296IRGC 121296 BREVIARISTATA (RAIA)::IRGC 3189-1Oryza sativa L. 089 2012WS 2214 CHA SD1087543
154121307IRGC 121307 CERNYJ::IRGC 36144-1Oryza sativa L. 089 2012WS 2277 CHA SD1087554
155121316IRGC 121316 CIWINI SML::IRGC 50642-1Oryza sativa L. 089 2012WS 2234 CHA SD1087563
156121400IRGC 121400 KURUWEE::IRGC 15214-1Oryza sativa L. 089 2012WS 2229 CHA SD1087644
157121431IRGC 121431 MEUY KASET::IRGC 78272-1Oryza sativa L. 089 2012WS 2246 CHA SD1087674
158121438IRGC 121438 MULRATU PODIWEE::IRGC 31498-1Oryza sativa L. 089 2012WS 2231 CHA SD1087681
159121456IRGC 121456 NS 1288::IRGC 68930-1Oryza sativa L. 089 2012WS 2165 CHA SD1087699
160122568IRGC 122568 IR 3483-50-1-1-1-2Oryza sativa L. 089 2013WS 1064 CHA SD1087933
161124837IRGC 124837 DPRK 036L 15178Oryza sativa L. Korea, North089 2014WS 1675 CHA SD1090082
162125168IRGC 125168 DPRK 036M 4393Oryza sativa L. Korea, North089 2014WS 1550 CHA SD1090413
163125300IRGC 125300 DPRK 036M 8221Oryza sativa L. Korea, North089 2014WS 1138 CHA SD1090545
164125377IRGC 125377 DPRK 036M 9908Oryza sativa L. Korea, North089 2014WS 1221 CHA SD1090622
165126600IRGC 126600 BYATOryza sativa L. 089 2013WS 35 CHA SD1091042
166126638IRGC 126638 KAUK HNYIN NGA CHEIKOryza sativa L. 089 2013WS 113 CHA SD1091080
167126724IRGC 126724 NGA KYWEOryza sativa L. 089 2013WS 217 CHA SD1091166
168126726IRGC 126726 NGA KYWE YINOryza sativa L. 089 2013WS 219 CHA SD1091168
169126732IRGC 126732 NGA YAR POOryza sativa L. 089 2013WS 224 CHA SD1091174
170128540IRGC 128540 ARONGANAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2014WS 1529 CHA SD1091272
171128564IRGC 128564 MENALAVAOryza sativa L. Madagascar089 2014WS 1010 CHA SD1091296
172128763IRGC 128763 DAMOryza sativa L. Laos089 2014WS 1325 CHA SD1091610
173128764IRGC 128764 DAMOryza sativa L. Laos089 2014WS 164 CHA SD1091611
174128765IRGC 128765 DAM DANGOryza sativa L. Laos089 2014WS 1581 CHA SD1091612
175128779IRGC 128779 EA LOUPOryza sativa L. Laos089 2014WS 1758 CHA SD1091627
176128782IRGC 128782 EA PAOryza sativa L. Laos089 2014WS 1588 CHA SD1091630
177128856IRGC 128856 MAKHINGOryza sativa L. Laos089 2014WS 758 CHA SD1091704
178128893IRGC 128893 PHUA MIAOryza sativa L. Laos089 2014WS 1522 CHA SD1091741
179128910IRGC 128910 TA KOBOryza sativa L. Laos089 2014WS 1907 CHA SD1091758
180128924IRGC 128924 221/BCIV/1/178/Dewi T.Oryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2014WS 1732 CHA SD1091773
181128929IRGC 128929 Agai PutihOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2014WS 1126 CHA SD1091778
182128935IRGC 128935 AngkongOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2014WS 405 CHA SD1091785
183128984IRGC 128984 Cempo KidangOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2014WS 1515 CHA SD1091847
184129039IRGC 129039 Hawara BogorOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2014WS 254 CHA SD1091904
185129085IRGC 129085 Ketan KotokOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2014WS 1548 CHA SD1091954
186129095IRGC 129095 Ketan PutihOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2014WS 1470 CHA SD1091967
187129126IRGC 129126 LawiOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2014WS 1075 CHA SD1092006
188129167IRGC 129167 MuntaiOryza sativa L. Indonesia089 2014WS 1167 CHA SD1092052
189129386IRGC 129386 DPRK 036L 9937Oryza sativa L. Korea, North089 2014WS 1471 CHA SD1092306
190129710IRGC 129710 DPRK 036S 3260Oryza sativa L. Korea, North089 2014WS 670 CHA SD1092630

International Rice Genebank Germplasm Distribution and Exchange Policy

IRRI continues the free international exchange of germplasm, in accordance with the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA). We provide rice in small quantities to any entity or establishment for research, breeding, or training for food and agriculture purposes; free of charge. At the same time, we gratefully receive seed contributions to add to our collection.

The procedure for acquiring seeds from IRRI are as follows:
1. Read, study and comply with Standard Material Transfer Agreement(SMTA).
2. Inquire, search and choose accessions through GRIN-Global or Genesys websites.
3. Submit requests electronically through the public websites (refer to #2)