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RICE accessions
Code: Purple Lines

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05156IRGC 5156 APOSTOLOryza sativa L. Philippines084 2008WS 2235 CHA SD1035219
15191IRGC 5191 DINAGATOryza sativa L. Philippines084 2008WS 2322 CHA SD1035223
25281IRGC 5281 BINACROYOryza sativa L. Philippines084 2008WS 2253 CHA SD1035242
35991IRGC 5991 BINUNDOKOryza sativa L. 084 2008WS 2268 CHA SD1035321
45994IRGC 5994 GUINANGANGOryza sativa L. 084 2008WS 2341 CHA SD1035322
55997IRGC 5997 APOSTOLOryza sativa L. 084 2008WS 2236 CHA SD1035324
67879IRGC 7879 KONUWAIOryza sativa L. Sierra Leone084 2008WS 1637 CHA SD1035442
77881IRGC 7881 KANU FOLOryza sativa L. Sierra Leone084 2008WS 1635 CHA SD1035445
811774IRGC 11774 68-934Oryza sativa L. Sri Lanka084 2010WS 395 CHA SD1035841
911842IRGC 11842 THIB DENGOryza sativa L. Laos084 2008WS 1171 CHA SD1035844
1012406IRGC 12406 ARC 10247Oryza sativa L. India084 2008WS 821 CHA SD1035898
1113255IRGC 13255 KALASOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2009WS 931 CHA SD1036060
1217451IRGC 17451 DELIOryza sativa L. Indonesia084 2008WS 944 CHA SD1037292
1319449IRGC 19449 MALAGKIT ITIMOryza sativa L. Philippines084 2008WS 2479 CHA SD1037459
1423301IRGC 23301 TRANG DUONGOryza sativa L. Cambodia084 2007WS 2702 CHA SD1037708
1523366IRGC 23366 DAGIOryza sativa L. Philippines084 2008WS 2314 CHA SD1037722
1629727IRGC 29727 CHANG MA PROEUMOryza sativa L. 084 2007WS 2546 CHA SD1038125
1729742IRGC 29742 HOA ROMOryza sativa L. 084 2010WS 43 CHA SD1038143
1835385IRGC 35385 PADI RANDINGOryza sativa L. Indonesia084 2008WS 1004 CHA SD1039250
1936089IRGC 36089 S 2Oryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2007WS 3371 CHA SD1039400
2036583IRGC 36583 KHAO NAHNG MAWM 783Oryza sativa L. Thailand084 2010WS 450 CHA SD1039470
2137830IRGC 37830 BLACK 28-579Oryza sativa L. Bangladesh084 2009WS 580 CHA SD1039677
2238168IRGC 38168 PATNAI 31-698Oryza sativa L. Bangladesh084 2010WS 28 CHA SD1039694
2341042IRGC 41042 ARC 12342Oryza sativa L. India084 2009WS 491 CHA SD1039995
2443632IRGC 43632 SIPAETOryza sativa L. Indonesia084 2008WS 1067 CHA SD1040542
2543758IRGC 43758 PANCIOryza sativa L. Indonesia084 2009WS 1504 CHA SD1040614
2644391IRGC 44391 DATAKANOryza sativa L. Philippines084 2008WS 2315 CHA SD1040708
2747967IRGC 47967 GAHB TAHNOryza sativa L. Thailand084 2008WS 1788 CHA SD1041298
2848036IRGC 48036 KHAO BONOryza sativa L. Thailand084 2008WS 1835 CHA SD1041329
2949300IRGC 49300 BADIOryza sativa L. Bangladesh084 2009WS 539 CHA SD1041896
3050318IRGC 50318 NNIG 158-GUANG XIAN-2Oryza sativa L. China084 2010WS 78 CHA SD1042163
3154412IRGC 54412 CHANGAI PUTERIOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2010WS 272 CHA SD1042821
3259274IRGC 59274 YEYEOryza sativa L. Senegal084 2008WS 1623 CHA SD1044403
3360401IRGC 60401 PANDASAN 1Oryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2009WS 1508 CHA SD1044750
3460442IRGC 60442 SAGAIEOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2010WS 311 CHA SD1044800
3561437IRGC 61437 MANARE (PHOM)Oryza sativa L. Guinea084 2009WS 1234 CHA SD1045511
3662074IRGC 62074 MINIKWEENOryza sativa L. Sierra Leone084 2008WS 1644 CHA SD1045748
3764211IRGC 64211 SAND (MENDE) 291Oryza sativa L. Sierra Leone084 2008WS 1678 CHA SD1046363
3864305IRGC 64305 E TONOryza sativa L. Thailand084 2008WS 1784 CHA SD1046444
3964496IRGC 64496 LON YUNGOryza sativa L. Thailand084 2008WS 1976 CHA SD1046701
4066169IRGC 66169 SA LA LUANGOryza sativa L. Thailand084 2009WS 1637 CHA SD1047646
4166562IRGC 66562 IE MATA CICEMOryza sativa L. Indonesia084 2009WS 812 CHA SD1047939
4268463IRGC 68463 HT 74-19Oryza sativa L. 084 2010WS 594 CHA SD1048521
4369327IRGC 69327 TORKO ROUGEOryza sativa L. 084 2007WS 2719 CHA SD1048791
4469689IRGC 69689 KALOKOOryza sativa L. Sierra Leone084 2008WS 1634 CHA SD1048895
4570397IRGC 70397 WAN LI XIANOryza sativa L. China084 2008WS 765 CHA SD1048981
4670658IRGC 70658 KICHAWA CHAWA MAFUTAOryza sativa L. Kenya084 2008WS 1098 CHA SD1049002
4772539IRGC 72539 PADI MERAHOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2009WS 1458 CHA SD1050764
4874634IRGC 74634 KETAN SEPANGOryza sativa L. Indonesia084 2007WS 2767 CHA SD1051759
4974651IRGC 74651 KETAN SELUANGOryza sativa L. Indonesia084 2007WS 2766 CHA SD1051769
5075051IRGC 75051 MALED MA KEUAOryza sativa L. Thailand084 2008WS 1998 CHA SD1051965
5175338IRGC 75338 DAMNOEUB KHTISSOryza sativa L. Cambodia084 2008WS 616 CHA SD1052159
5275358IRGC 75358 KRAYA K 161-10Oryza sativa L. Cambodia084 2008WS 654 CHA SD1052197
5375378IRGC 75378 PHKAR ROMAENGOryza sativa L. Cambodia084 2008WS 686 CHA SD1052229
5475380IRGC 75380 PHKAR SLA P 165Oryza sativa L. Cambodia084 2008WS 688 CHA SD1052233
5575394IRGC 75394 SRA EMOryza sativa L. Cambodia084 2008WS 706 CHA SD1052258
5677092IRGC 77092 KHAO' SEWOryza sativa L. Thailand084 2008WS 1887 CHA SD1053681
5779252IRGC 79252 KSACHOryza sativa L. Cambodia084 2008WS 657 CHA SD1056099
5879795IRGC 79795 TCA 3-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2007WS 2891 CHA SD1056699
5982201IRGC 82201 ANGKOR KRAHAMOryza sativa L. Cambodia084 2007WS 2538 CHA SD1058863
6082208IRGC 82208 DAMBANOryza sativa L. Cambodia084 2007WS 2556 CHA SD1058876
6183026IRGC 83026 INAMOSOryza sativa L. Philippines084 2008WS 2352 CHA SD1059757
6284118IRGC 84118 KHAO DOOryza sativa L. Laos084 2008WS 1126 CHA SD1060911
6387315IRGC 87315 DAMM NOEB KHMAUOryza sativa L. Cambodia084 2008WS 613 CHA SD1063943
6492377IRGC 92377 DAW MAN POWOryza sativa L. Thailand084 2007WS 3463 CHA SD1068809
6592380IRGC 92380 DAWK MAIOryza sativa L. Thailand084 2007WS 3465 CHA SD1068814
6693458IRGC 93458 NANTIANNIANOryza sativa L. China084 2010WS 77 CHA SD1069212
6793466IRGC 93466 QISHANNUOOryza sativa L. China084 2010WS 83 CHA SD1069222
6894126IRGC 94126 DAMNOUEB CHHVIKOryza sativa L. Cambodia084 2007WS 2563 CHA SD1069900
6996025IRGC 96025 SAN GYANOryza sativa L. Myanmar084 2007WS 2463 CHA SD1071884
7096222IRGC 96222 BANG TAY COCOryza sativa L. Vietnam084 2009WS 545 CHA SD1072098
7196967IRGC 96967 T5219/1996Oryza sativa L. Cambodia084 2009WS 455 CHA SD1072928
7297097IRGC 97097 KOROTSAKA BEOryza sativa L. Madagascar084 2008WS 1195 CHA SD1073068
7397853IRGC 97853 AZUCENAOryza sativa L. Philippines084 2008WS 2245 CHA SD1073869
74102192IRGC 102192 213Oryza sativa L. 084 2008WS 1734 CHA SD1076130
75109392IRGC 109392 SETO GHAIYAOryza sativa L. 084 2008WS 1576 CHA SD1080195
76110535IRGC 110535 PADI BARIOOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2009WS 1415 CHA SD1081421
77110575IRGC 110575 PADI BRUNAIOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2009WS 1423 CHA SD1081476
78110681IRGC 110681 PADI KASAMOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2009WS 1439 CHA SD1081617
79110716IRGC 110716 PADI LEMAKOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2009WS 1445 CHA SD1081659
80110738IRGC 110738 PADI MASURIOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2009WS 1452 CHA SD1081695
81110741IRGC 110741 PADI MAWANGOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2009WS 1454 CHA SD1081702
82110753IRGC 110753 PADI MERADONGOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2009WS 1457 CHA SD1081724
83110776IRGC 110776 PADI NIBONGOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2009WS 1466 CHA SD1081767
84110784IRGC 110784 PADI NYALONGOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2009WS 1469 CHA SD1081784
85111189IRGC 111189 PARAI PELITOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2007WS 3314 CHA SD1082226
86111382IRGC 111382 LONE PU PHINMEOryza sativa L. Myanmar084 2007WS 2410 CHA SD1082424
87111468IRGC 111468 ATT CHHMOUSOryza sativa L. Cambodia084 2007WS 2542 CHA SD1082511
88112446IRGC 112446 PADI BIDOROryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2007WS 3159 CHA SD1083532
89112664IRGC 112664 KHAU LANH DIENOryza sativa L. 084 2007WS 3703 CHA SD1083771
90112667IRGC 112667 KHAU LECHOryza sativa L. 084 2007WS 3708 CHA SD1083774
91112957IRGC 112957 KHAU LANHOryza sativa L. Vietnam084 2007WS 3702 CHA SD1084070
92112958IRGC 112958 KHAU LAOOryza sativa L. Vietnam084 2007WS 3705 CHA SD1084071
93113558IRGC 113558 XIAOHONGGUOryza sativa L. China084 2007WS 124 CHA SD1084701
94113670IRGC 113670 PADI PAUHOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2007WS 3237 CHA SD1084802
95113685IRGC 113685 YI HUANG ZAOOryza sativa L. China084 2007WS 133 CHA SD1084818
96113722IRGC 113722 KHAO THAN CHEAYOryza sativa L. Cambodia084 2007WS 2573 CHA SD1084855
97113742IRGC 113742 ATT CHHMOUSOryza sativa L. Cambodia084 2007WS 2543 CHA SD1084875
98113849IRGC 113849 LAWHIDOryza sativa L. Philippines084 2007WS 1802 CHA SD1084986
99114493IRGC 114493 S 96-HSG-013Oryza sativa L. Myanmar084 2007WS 2534 CHA SD1085646
100114496IRGC 114496 PHAYOUNG PHYUOryza sativa L. Myanmar084 2007WS 2445 CHA SD1085649
101114512IRGC 114512 YAY BAWOryza sativa L. Myanmar084 2007WS 2521 CHA SD1085665
102114524IRGC 114524 KETAN BIASAOryza sativa L. Indonesia084 2007WS 2757 CHA SD1085677
103114662IRGC 114662 DABAIGUOryza sativa L. China084 2007WS 58 CHA SD1085816
104114665IRGC 114665 ENSHIGUIYANGNIANOryza sativa L. China084 2007WS 65 CHA SD1085819
105114686IRGC 114686 XIAOHONGGUOryza sativa L. China084 2007WS 125 CHA SD1085840
106114872IRGC 114872 KHAOSEOryza sativa L. Myanmar084 2007WS 2368 CHA SD1086039
107114891IRGC 114891 SBRV 315Oryza sativa L. Madagascar084 2007WS 3072 CHA SD1086058
108114895IRGC 114895 VANJAKOHONANDRIANA MENAOryza sativa L. Madagascar084 2007WS 3031 CHA SD1086062
109114897IRGC 114897 CHICHUANOryza sativa L. China084 2007WS 57 CHA SD1086064
110114936IRGC 114936 VARIBEOryza sativa L. Madagascar084 2007WS 3033 CHA SD1086104
111114937IRGC 114937 VARIBE MALADYOryza sativa L. Madagascar084 2007WS 3034 CHA SD1086105
112114941IRGC 114941 VARY ANANAOryza sativa L. Madagascar084 2007WS 3040 CHA SD1086109
113114942IRGC 114942 VARY BEOryza sativa L. Madagascar084 2007WS 3042 CHA SD1086110
114114954IRGC 114954 VARY VIHEOryza sativa L. Madagascar084 2007WS 3063 CHA SD1086122
115115265IRGC 115265 PA POKOryza sativa L. Laos084 2009WS 1406 CHA SD1086448
116115278IRGC 115278 PADI LUMPUROryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2007WS 3222 CHA SD1086462
117115436IRGC 115436 KHAUK HNYIN MEOryza sativa L. Myanmar084 2007WS 2373 CHA SD1086629
118115562IRGC 115562 PADI SEMAKAUOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2007WS 3275 CHA SD1086759
119115569IRGC 115569 TURUN DAUNOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2007WS 3376 CHA SD1086766
120115601IRGC 115601 RAUSRR 80-642-3Oryza sativa L. India084 2007WS 2889 CHA SD1086810
121116011IRGC 116011 IR 72757-545-B-BOryza sativa L. 084 2007WS 1068 CHA SD1087226
122116382IRGC 116382 (BALA/AZUCENA)-306 MPOryza sativa L. 084 2007WS 464 CHA SD1087597
123116390IRGC 116390 (BALA/AZUCENA)-40 MPOryza sativa L. 084 2007WS 478 CHA SD1087605
124117009IRGC 117009 JUMA 51Oryza sativa L. Dominican Republic084 2007WS 154 CHA SD1088224
125117237IRGC 117237 KON DAMOryza sativa L. Laos084 2008WS 1128 CHA SD1088458
126117248IRGC 117248 IR 84631-200 MPOryza sativa L. 084 2008WS 2344 CHA SD1088469
127117295IRGC 117295 IR 75862-206-2-8-3-B-B-BOryza sativa L. 084 2009WS 851 CHA SD1088815
128117308IRGC 117308 IR 80314-4-B-1-3-BOryza sativa L. 084 2009WS 865 CHA SD1088828
129117421IRGC 117421 AI CHIAO HONG::IRGC 51250-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 58 CHA SD1088945
130117463IRGC 117463 DE ABRIL::IRGC 50463-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 759 CHA SD1088987
131117600IRGC 117600 AIJIAONANTEOryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 63 CHA SD1089124
132117625IRGC 117625 SML 242Oryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 1738 CHA SD1089149
133117636IRGC 117636 AI-CHIAO-HONGOryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 62 CHA SD1089160
134117713IRGC 117713 DJIMORONOryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 788 CHA SD1089237
135117783IRGC 117783 KHAO TOT LONG 227Oryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 1164 CHA SD1089307
136117858IRGC 117858 RADIN EBOS 33Oryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 1640 CHA SD1089382
137117899IRGC 117899 SURJAMKUHIOryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 1757 CHA SD1089423
138118442IRGC 118442 VARY MENA MADINIKAOryza sativa L. Madagascar084 2012WS 2108 CHA SD1090420
139118462IRGC 118462 VARY VATO DE MAROVATOOryza sativa L. Madagascar084 2012WS 2128 CHA SD1090453
140118469IRGC 118469 VATOMANDRINDRAZANAOryza sativa L. Madagascar084 2012WS 2135 CHA SD1090465
141118470IRGC 118470 VATOMANDRYOryza sativa L. Madagascar084 2012WS 2136 CHA SD1090467
142118475IRGC 118475 VAZAKONANDRIANAOryza sativa L. Madagascar084 2012WS 2141 CHA SD1090475
143118478IRGC 118478 VODIHERANAOryza sativa L. Madagascar084 2012WS 2144 CHA SD1090480
144119780IRGC 119780 CIWINIOryza sativa L. Suriname084 2011WS 321 CHA SD1092436
145120858IRGC 120858 29 A 2::IRGC 28364-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 45 CHA SD1093841
146120863IRGC 120863 ANAYANSI::IRGC 77474-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 73 CHA SD1093846
147120870IRGC 120870 ARC 12071::IRGC 41001-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 89 CHA SD1093853
148120894IRGC 120894 BHADOIA 303::IRGC 6588-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2012WS 1414 CHA SD1093877
149121006IRGC 121006 KALIBORO::IRGC 77201-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 1129 CHA SD1093989
150121022IRGC 121022 KHARSU 80::IRGC 28016-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 1166 CHA SD1094005
151121026IRGC 121026 KOYRA::IRGC 77267-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 1180 CHA SD1094009
152121027IRGC 121027 KUAN CHIN::IRGC 5589-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 1183 CHA SD1094010
153121032IRGC 121032 LAKHI PURI::IRGC 34712-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 1196 CHA SD1094015
154121033IRGC 121033 LAKHSNIKAJAL::IRGC 25885-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2011WS 1197 CHA SD1094016
155121049IRGC 121049 MAKALIOKA::IRGC 77864-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2012WS 2158 CHA SD1094032
156121149IRGC 121149 UPRH 184::IRGC 61631-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2012WS 1496 CHA SD1094132
157121291IRGC 121291 BOTOHAVANA::IRGC 79459-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2012WS 2160 CHA SD1094273
158122333IRGC 122333 IR 100Oryza sativa L. 084 2013WS 96 CHA SD1094470
159122568IRGC 122568 IR 3483-50-1-1-1-2Oryza sativa L. 084 2013WS 1064 CHA SD1094696
160122590IRGC 122590 IR 47701-6-B-1Oryza sativa L. 084 2013WS 1121 CHA SD1094718
161122680IRGC 122680 RP 2068-18-2-11Oryza sativa L. India084 2013WS 269 CHA SD1094809
162125385IRGC 125385 DPRK 036M 9996Oryza sativa L. Korea, North084 2014WS 93 CHA SD1097394
163126720IRGC 126720 NGA BYA GYIOryza sativa L. 084 2013WS 213 CHA SD1097929
164126739IRGC 126739 PYA THA LETOryza sativa L. 084 2013WS 248 CHA SD1097948
165126771IRGC 126771 SWE LINOryza sativa L. 084 2013WS 345 CHA SD1097980
166128612IRGC 128612 HITAMOryza sativa L. Malaysia084 2014WS 141 CHA SD1098137
167128809IRGC 128809 KAY NOIOryza sativa L. Laos084 2014WS 1243 CHA SD1098429
168128811IRGC 128811 KAY NOI DENGOryza sativa L. Laos084 2014WS 41 CHA SD1098431
169128877IRGC 128877 NIEV DAMOryza sativa L. Laos084 2014WS 494 CHA SD1098497
170128906IRGC 128906 TA KHIATOryza sativa L. Laos084 2014WS 1347 CHA SD1098526
171128923IRGC 128923 108D/185Oryza sativa L. Indonesia084 2014WS 44 CHA SD1098544
172128963IRGC 128963 BentikOryza sativa L. Indonesia084 2014WS 1645 CHA SD1098593
173129123IRGC 129123 LailaOryza sativa L. Indonesia084 2014WS 382 CHA SD1098775
174129711IRGC 129711 DPRK 036S 3265Oryza sativa L. Korea, North084 2014WS 1270 CHA SD1099403

International Rice Genebank Germplasm Distribution and Exchange Policy

IRRI continues the free international exchange of germplasm, in accordance with the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA). We provide rice in small quantities to any entity or establishment for research, breeding, or training for food and agriculture purposes; free of charge. At the same time, we gratefully receive seed contributions to add to our collection.

The procedure for acquiring seeds from IRRI are as follows:
1. Read, study and comply with Standard Material Transfer Agreement(SMTA).
2. Inquire, search and choose accessions through GRIN-Global or Genesys websites.
3. Submit requests electronically through the public websites (refer to #2)