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RICE accessions
Code: Mixture

Selected item(s) below:

02371IRGC 2371 SOUN SOU (SEN ZUI)Oryza sativa L. 999 IRGC 2371 **2371
113286IRGC 13286 NIBONG 1Oryza sativa L. Malaysia999 2002WS 1805 CHA SD1036069
217381IRGC 17381 CEMPO SELAKOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 1992WS 42 CHA SD1037263
318006IRGC 18006 KODOKANOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1407 CHA SD1037384
425145IRGC 25145 SIUNG KANCILOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1432 CHA SD1037834
530289IRGC 30289 SOC TRANGOryza sativa L. Tien Giang, Vietnam999 1998WS 301 CHA SD1038265
631956IRGC 31956 HASHA BORONOryza sativa L. Bangladesh999 2002WS 310 CHA SD1038788
734903IRGC 34903 DONIOryza sativa L. India999 2002WS 908 CHA SD1039192
848069IRGC 48069 KHAO RADOryza sativa L. Thailand999 IRGC 48069 **48069
953906IRGC 53906 KESHOREOryza sativa L. India999 1992WS 824 CHA SD1042634
1067747IRGC 67747 PAKNABOOryza sativa L. India999 IRGC 67747 **67747
1169851IRGC 69851 KAREROOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 IRGC 69851 **69851
1269937IRGC 69937 MENAMONGOOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 IRGC 69937 **69937
1369945IRGC 69945 VAZAKONANDRIANAOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 IRGC 69945 **69945
1470948IRGC 70948 BRIMAYA MALAYOryza sativa L. 999 1991WS 3275 CHA SD1049099
1576111IRGC 76111 VIII 51Oryza sativa L. Nepal999 IRGC 76111 **76111
1676474IRGC 76474 BA YUE LANOryza sativa L. China999 1990WS 758 CHA SD1052999
1778278IRGC 78278 SANG GRAIOryza sativa L. Thailand999 1991WS 2436 CHA SD1055022
1878803IRGC 78803 Chao muang singOryza sativa L. Laos999 1995WS 602 CHA SD1055585
1978908IRGC 78908 RANTAIOryza sativa L. Malaysia999 1996WS 626 CHA SD1055693
2079036IRGC 79036 GAMOKIOryza sativa L. Philippines999 1995WS 792 CHA SD1055844
2179058IRGC 79058 TUI (KIDAYAN)Oryza sativa L. Philippines999 1995WS 814 CHA SD1055866
2279403IRGC 79403 GUMCHUN 12Oryza sativa L. Korea, South999 1995WS 1177 CHA SD1056272
2379927IRGC 79927 EX GWIE BIDAOryza sativa L. Nigeria999 1995WS 1600 CHA SD1056836
2479957IRGC 79957 EX NASSARAWAOryza sativa L. Nigeria999 1995WS 1636 CHA SD1056867
2581043IRGC 81043 XIANG GANG ZAOOryza sativa L. China999 1995WS 2329 CHA SD1057638
2681396IRGC 81396 SRALOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 1996WS 1260 CHA SD1058008
2782869IRGC 82869 AZUCENA 2Oryza sativa L. Philippines999 1998WS 561 CHA SD1059601
2884095IRGC 84095 PHCAR DAUNGOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 1998WS 1764 CHA SD1060886
2984503IRGC 84503 NEANGKOK KANDEKOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 1999WS 171 CHA SD1061318
3084512IRGC 84512 PEAN SANGKEOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 1999WS 180 CHA SD1061327
3184867IRGC 84867 XA XIAOryza sativa L. Vietnam999 1999WS 544 CHA SD1061705
3286885IRGC 86885 KRISHNA BHAK (LOCAL)Oryza sativa L. Bhutan999 2000WS 1552 CHA SD1063471
3386936IRGC 86936 KAILE DHANOryza sativa L. Nepal999 2000WS 45 CHA SD1063527
3486943IRGC 86943 PAHELE RAJMELEOryza sativa L. Nepal999 2000WS 52 CHA SD1063534
3586958IRGC 86958 SUNAULOOryza sativa L. Nepal999 2000WS 67 CHA SD1063549
3686972IRGC 86972 HARIN BUNDIOryza sativa L. Bangladesh999 2000WS 81 CHA SD1063563
3786984IRGC 86984 KALI BOROOryza sativa L. Bangladesh999 2000WS 93 CHA SD1063575
3886987IRGC 86987 KALO JAMRIOryza sativa L. Bangladesh999 2000WS 96 CHA SD1063578
3987026IRGC 87026 ATT CHHMOUSOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 135 CHA SD1063620
4087069IRGC 87069 RITH CHAMM BARK'Oryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 184 CHA SD1063671
4187074IRGC 87074 SRAU KRAR HARMOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 189 CHA SD1063676
4287077IRGC 87077 SRAU KRAR HARM BAY TORNNOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 192 CHA SD1063679
4387088IRGC 87088 CARDI 2741Oryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 203 CHA SD1063694
4487108IRGC 87108 PADI LABUANOryza sativa L. Malaysia999 2000WS 1612 CHA SD1063717
4587110IRGC 87110 PADI MERAHOryza sativa L. Malaysia999 2000WS 1614 CHA SD1063719
4687135IRGC 87135 KAMOROSOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2000WS 217 CHA SD1063747
4787136IRGC 87136 KINABUONGOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2000WS 218 CHA SD1063748
4887145IRGC 87145 96-ABR 54Oryza sativa L. Philippines999 2000WS 227 CHA SD1063759
4987175IRGC 87175 DEO IRRIOryza sativa L. Bangladesh999 2000WS 241 CHA SD1063789
5087191IRGC 87191 Arn'-choolOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 257 CHA SD1063806
5187205IRGC 87205 Arn'-sar Thngorn'Oryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 271 CHA SD1063821
5287225IRGC 87225 Art'-chhmuohOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 291 CHA SD1063842
5387278IRGC 87278 CHANLAK KDANOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 350 CHA SD1063898
5487331IRGC 87331 DAMNEUB (UNKNOWN)Oryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 403 CHA SD1063960
5587353IRGC 87353 DAMNOEUB DAMREI CHHOROryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 425 CHA SD1063983
5687356IRGC 87356 DAMNOEUB EVEOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 428 CHA SD1063986
5787382IRGC 87382 DAMNOEUB KRAHAMOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 454 CHA SD1064013
5887417IRGC 87417 DAMM NOEB SLABOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 495 CHA SD1064048
5987431IRGC 87431 DAMM NOEB TUNG CHEYOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 509 CHA SD1064062
6087448IRGC 87448 KANG CHREYOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 526 CHA SD1064082
6187456IRGC 87456 KARN'-TUY KRAR BEIOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 534 CHA SD1064090
6287459IRGC 87459 Kasekam'Oryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 537 CHA SD1064093
6387496IRGC 87496 KRACHAK CHHROUKOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 574 CHA SD1064132
6487498IRGC 87498 KRAR CHARK CHEASOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 576 CHA SD1064134
6587513IRGC 87513 KREMOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 591 CHA SD1064153
6687526IRGC 87526 LeavOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 604 CHA SD1064167
6787572IRGC 87572 NEANG KHIEVOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 656 CHA SD1064217
6887578IRGC 87578 NEANG KONGOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 662 CHA SD1064223
6987583IRGC 87583 NEANG KONG MICHOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 667 CHA SD1064228
7087589IRGC 87589 Neang KuoyOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 673 CHA SD1064235
7187595IRGC 87595 NEANG KUYSAROryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 679 CHA SD1064243
7287596IRGC 87596 Neang Kuoy SarOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 680 CHA SD1064244
7387692IRGC 87692 PA KEOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 782 CHA SD1064356
7487693IRGC 87693 PA KEOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 783 CHA SD1064357
7587733IRGC 87733 PA MAET NORNGOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 823 CHA SD1064406
7687796IRGC 87796 PHCAR DAUNG SRALOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 878 CHA SD1064476
7787840IRGC 87840 PRAR TEALOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 922 CHA SD1064524
7887842IRGC 87842 PRAMBUON KUOROryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 924 CHA SD1064526
7987860IRGC 87860 RUM LORNG PHNOMOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 948 CHA SD1064546
8087863IRGC 87863 SAM LIEVOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 951 CHA SD1064549
8187871IRGC 87871 SAMM BOK ARNG'-KRANGOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 959 CHA SD1064559
8287874IRGC 87874 SAMM BOK SRAR MAOCHOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 962 CHA SD1064563
8387900IRGC 87900 SOMALYOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 988 CHA SD1064596
8487928IRGC 87928 SRAU KRAHAMOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 1016 CHA SD1064629
8587943IRGC 87943 Srau MrumOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 1031 CHA SD1064646
8687955IRGC 87955 Srau Phar'-ongOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 1043 CHA SD1064662
8787990IRGC 87990 ThaiOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 1078 CHA SD1064703
8887998IRGC 87998 ThvangOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 1086 CHA SD1064712
8988059IRGC 88059 VARY GONYOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 2000WS 1153 CHA SD1064792
9088060IRGC 88060 VARY GONYOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 2000WS 1154 CHA SD1064793
9188072IRGC 88072 VATOMANDRY BEOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 2000WS 1166 CHA SD1064807
9288076IRGC 88076 VATOMANDRY TENANYOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 2000WS 1170 CHA SD1064811
9388077IRGC 88077 VATOMANDRY TENANY (CMS)Oryza sativa L. Madagascar999 2000WS 1171 CHA SD1064812
9488148IRGC 88148 KHAO LINE LWEOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1241 CHA SD1064895
9588156IRGC 88156 KHAO MWE NAUNGOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1255 CHA SD1064903
9688172IRGC 88172 KHAO NOTE KINOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1271 CHA SD1064919
9788209IRGC 88209 LATNA GYIOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1308 CHA SD1064957
9888213IRGC 88213 LIN BANN CHAWOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1312 CHA SD1064961
9988220IRGC 88220 MA CAW PYANOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1319 CHA SD1064968
10088235IRGC 88235 PHAN TU LONEOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1334 CHA SD1064983
10188251IRGC 88251 SAR KA LAYOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1350 CHA SD1064999
10288255IRGC 88255 TALUK (TA LUK)Oryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1354 CHA SD1065003
10388286IRGC 88286 BINA AYOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2000WS 1384 CHA SD1065036
10488288IRGC 88288 96-OCM 29Oryza sativa L. Philippines999 2001WS 1583 CHA SD1065038
10588293IRGC 88293 CAMOROSOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2001WS 23 CHA SD1065043
10688296IRGC 88296 DILAYOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2000WS 1386 CHA SD1065046
10788301IRGC 88301 LAGINIOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2001WS 1585 CHA SD1065052
10888311IRGC 88311 NAGSALAYOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2000WS 1398 CHA SD1065064
10988319IRGC 88319 URINGANOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2000WS 1410 CHA SD1065073
11088381IRGC 88381 KAFR EL DAUWAROryza sativa L. Egypt999 2000WS 1471 CHA SD1065139
11188395IRGC 88395 SONSAL (SHORTER GRAIN)Oryza sativa L. 999 2001WS 32 CHA SD1065155
11288399IRGC 88399 DAMTI 1Oryza sativa L. Korea, South999 2001WS 36 CHA SD1065159
11388574IRGC 88574 KALO DHANOryza sativa L. 999 2001WS 215 CHA SD1065364
11488612IRGC 88612 MALINGEOryza sativa L. 999 2001WS 253 CHA SD1065404
11588761IRGC 88761 BASMATI MIXED 1Oryza sativa L. 999 2001WS 408 CHA SD1065558
11688769IRGC 88769 WU FENG LENG SHUI ZHANOryza sativa L. China999 2001WS 416 CHA SD1065566
11789323IRGC 89323 BA BRONG KALEOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 503 CHA SD1065655
11889336IRGC 89336 BA LOUAKOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 516 CHA SD1065668
11989370IRGC 89370 Bao saoOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 550 CHA SD1065703
12089384IRGC 89384 CHA LAEOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 564 CHA SD1065717
12189426IRGC 89426 CHAO DENGOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 606 CHA SD1065760
12289532IRGC 89532 DAMOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 718 CHA SD1065867
12389699IRGC 89699 Ea khawOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 891 CHA SD1066036
12489811IRGC 89811 HOKOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1009 CHA SD1066149
12589842IRGC 89842 Kap gnangOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1040 CHA SD1066180
12689890IRGC 89890 KAYO DENGOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1088 CHA SD1066230
12789941IRGC 89941 KHEN SEUAOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1145 CHA SD1066282
12890028IRGC 90028 LONG MAOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1232 CHA SD1066371
12990080IRGC 90080 MAK KHAM DOOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1290 CHA SD1066425
13090140IRGC 90140 MEUAYOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1350 CHA SD1066487
13190220IRGC 90220 LG 3886Oryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1436 CHA SD1066570
13290222IRGC 90222 DENGOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1438 CHA SD1066572
13390266IRGC 90266 LG 6089Oryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1482 CHA SD1066616
13490268IRGC 90268 ChaoOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1484 CHA SD1066618
13590367IRGC 90367 PENGOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1655 CHA SD1066719
13690503IRGC 90503 TA MAYOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1797 CHA SD1066860
13790551IRGC 90551 YOHOKOOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1845 CHA SD1066909
13890818IRGC 90818 MILYANG 1Oryza sativa L. Korea, South999 2002WS 239 CHA SD1067228
13991127IRGC 91127 DO MOKOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 595 CHA SD1067542
14091570IRGC 91570 LEUANG KEOOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1056 CHA SD1067986
14191884IRGC 91884 LG 6218Oryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1382 CHA SD1068304
14291905IRGC 91905 LG 6382Oryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1403 CHA SD1068325
14391923IRGC 91923 LG 2564Oryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1427 CHA SD1068345
14492113IRGC 92113 POMOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1623 CHA SD1068539
14592376IRGC 92376 DAW LEUANGOryza sativa L. Thailand999 2002WS 2124 CHA SD1068806
14692487IRGC 92487 MAHK KHAMOryza sativa L. Thailand999 2002WS 2235 CHA SD1068950
14792532IRGC 92532 BUNTODOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2002WS 1883 CHA SD1069003
14892548IRGC 92548 KAGTING (RED)Oryza sativa L. Philippines999 2002WS 1899 CHA SD1069021
14992588IRGC 92588 Hao khawOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1867 CHA SD1069065
15093356IRGC 93356 XIE YOU 9308Oryza sativa L. China999 2002WS 2285 CHA SD1069104
15193412IRGC 93412 GUANYINCAOOryza sativa L. China999 2002WS 111 CHA SD1069162
15293418IRGC 93418 HONGKENUOOryza sativa L. China999 2002WS 117 CHA SD1069168
15393444IRGC 93444 LAOZAOGUOryza sativa L. China999 2002WS 143 CHA SD1069196
15493502IRGC 93502 ZAOHUANGNIANOryza sativa L. China999 2002WS 207 CHA SD1069259
15593511IRGC 93511 BO SANTEUTOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1462 CHA SD1069268
15693537IRGC 93537 KERESIKOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1488 CHA SD1069294
15793543IRGC 93543 KUKU BALAMOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1494 CHA SD1069300
15893545IRGC 93545 KUKU BALAMOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1496 CHA SD1069302
15993568IRGC 93568 LULUTOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1519 CHA SD1069328
16093619IRGC 93619 RADEN GUNUNGOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1570 CHA SD1069382
16193642IRGC 93642 SI GEUPAIOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1593 CHA SD1069405
16293670IRGC 93670 TALUN MAYANGOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1627 CHA SD1069433
16393677IRGC 93677 TARUNAOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1634 CHA SD1069440
16493761IRGC 93761 Daep hamOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1948 CHA SD1069526
16593851IRGC 93851 KAMOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 2044 CHA SD1069616
16693908IRGC 93908 BOKEHMWEGYIOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 952 CHA SD1069674
16794098IRGC 94098 DAMNOEUB SLABOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2002WS 480 CHA SD1069871
16894137IRGC 94137 DAMNOUEB KHMAOOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2002WS 519 CHA SD1069912
16994229IRGC 94229 MIN SKOLOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2002WS 611 CHA SD1070008
17094248IRGC 94248 NEANG KORNGOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2002WS 636 CHA SD1070031
17194281IRGC 94281 OFF TYPE IN SRAU PRECHOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2002WS 669 CHA SD1070064
17294300IRGC 94300 PHCAR KABASOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2002WS 688 CHA SD1070086
17394301IRGC 94301 PHCAR KRASAINGOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2002WS 689 CHA SD1070087
17494344IRGC 94344 SAMBOK ANGKRORNGOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2002WS 732 CHA SD1070131
17594510IRGC 94510 BA CHEUAOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 2141 CHA SD1070311
17694527IRGC 94527 Ba Ka BetOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 2158 CHA SD1070330
17794613IRGC 94613 BONGOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 2250 CHA SD1070418
17894615IRGC 94615 BONGOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 2252 CHA SD1070420
17994679IRGC 94679 CHAOOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 2316 CHA SD1070486
18094731IRGC 94731 CHAO DENGOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 2374 CHA SD1070538
18195663IRGC 95663 LANGAKA MENAOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 2002WS 1714 CHA SD1071495
18295749IRGC 95749 ARBOUNDNIOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 979 CHA SD1071590
18395761IRGC 95761 BOTIKE (SMALL)Oryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 991 CHA SD1071602
18495770IRGC 95770 E PHAUNG KAUKOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1000 CHA SD1071611
18595838IRGC 95838 KHAO HAUKOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1068 CHA SD1071679
18695900IRGC 95900 KHAR PA YAUNGOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1136 CHA SD1071750
18795927IRGC 95927 KYWETCHAY SABAOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1163 CHA SD1071780
18895963IRGC 95963 MIN MAROryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1199 CHA SD1071818
18995968IRGC 95968 MYAYE KAUK HNYINOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1204 CHA SD1071823
19095979IRGC 95979 NGA KYAWEOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1215 CHA SD1071834
19196020IRGC 96020 RAKHAINGTHUOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1262 CHA SD1071878
19296029IRGC 96029 SAO MECHEOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1271 CHA SD1071888
19396030IRGC 96030 SAOMEOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1272 CHA SD1071889
19496080IRGC 96080 VIEK THAROryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1322 CHA SD1071939
19596082IRGC 96082 WADAUNG (KAUK NYIN)Oryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1324 CHA SD1071941
19696096IRGC 96096 BASILANINOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2002WS 1957 CHA SD1071955
19796097IRGC 96097 BATANGUENAOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2002WS 1958 CHA SD1071956
19896118IRGC 96118 KINAHILOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2002WS 1979 CHA SD1071978
19996121IRGC 96121 LINGKITOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2002WS 1982 CHA SD1071983
20096933IRGC 96933 MALAYAOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1647 CHA SD1072900
20196949IRGC 96949 PARAI SIAM MERAHOryza sativa L. Malaysia999 2002WS 1839 CHA SD1072916
20299057IRGC 99057 SANPATONGOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 5094 CHA SD1075098
20399127IRGC 99127 TA MAYOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 5299 CHA SD1075168
204103818IRGC 103818 W1719Oryza hybr. China999 IRGC 103818 **103818
205103829IRGC 103829 113/79/PBW 5Oryza nivara S. D. Sharma & Shastry Bangladesh999 IRGC 103829 **103829
206103833IRGC 103833 JHORAOryza spp. Bangladesh999 IRGC 103833 **103833
207103846IRGC 103846 W 1685Oryza rufipogon Griff. 999 IRGC 103846 **103846
208103849IRGC 103849 JP 8Oryza hybr. India999 IRGC 103849 **103849
209103901IRGC 103901 314672Oryza spp. TanzaniaHistoric999 IRGC 103901 **103901
210104086IRGC 104086 W 1626Oryza meridionalis Ng Northern Territory, Australia999 IRGC 104086 **104086
211104087IRGC 104087 W1627Oryza meridionalis Ng Northern Territory, AustraliaHistoric999 IRGC 104087 **104087
212104368IRGC 104368 DISSIOryza glaberrima Steud. Guinea999 IRGC 104368 **104368
213104542IRGC 104542 EX DANBATTAOryza glaberrima Steud. Nigeria999 IRGC 104542 **104542
214104543IRGC 104543 EX DANBATTAOryza spp. Nigeria999 IRGC 104543 **104543
215104551IRGC 104551 MAIWO 1Oryza glaberrima Steud. Liberia999 IRGC 104551 **104551
216105011IRGC 105011 MOLOLEOryza glaberrima Steud. Guinea999 IRGC 105011 **105011

International Rice Genebank Germplasm Distribution and Exchange Policy

IRRI continues the free international exchange of germplasm, in accordance with the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA). We provide rice in small quantities to any entity or establishment for research, breeding, or training for food and agriculture purposes; free of charge. At the same time, we gratefully receive seed contributions to add to our collection.

The procedure for acquiring seeds from IRRI are as follows:
1. Read, study and comply with Standard Material Transfer Agreement(SMTA).
2. Inquire, search and choose accessions through GRIN-Global or Genesys websites.
3. Submit requests electronically through the public websites (refer to #2)