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RICE accessions
Values: 0.005.50

Selected item(s) below:

08159IRGC 8159 P T Q QINNAWIHOryza sativa L. Philippines52008WS 2546 CHA SD1030276
19133IRGC 9133 P T Q QI Q MUMBULAH DIBUUQNAOryza sativa L. Philippines32008WS 2545 CHA SD1030334
211178IRGC 11178 RITUKUWANOryza sativa L. Philippines42010WS 385 CHA SD1030477
316653IRGC 16653 TJOKRONOryza sativa L. Indonesia42010WS 200 CHA SD1031639
416676IRGC 16676 UTELOryza sativa L. Indonesia52010WS 201 CHA SD1031644
520197IRGC 20197 KARAWANG RENDAHOryza sativa L. Indonesia52010WS 185 CHA SD1032074
622415IRGC 22415 ARC 12881Oryza sativa L. India52010WS 113 CHA SD1032152
723741IRGC 23741 KHAMUOryza sativa L. Thailand52010WS 444 CHA SD1032260
830425IRGC 30425 CARCATAOryza sativa L. Sierra Leone52009WS 605 CHA SD1033006
931463IRGC 31463 LOKUSAMBAOryza sativa L. Sri Lanka52009WS 1166 CHA SD1033059
1034143IRGC 34143 KHUDWANI ACC 193Oryza sativa L. United States42009WS 424 CHA SD1033294
1135736IRGC 35736 KETAN JAMIDINOryza sativa L. Indonesia42008WS 974 CHA SD1033501
1235930IRGC 35930 05-126Oryza sativa L. Indonesia52008WS 902 CHA SD1033528
1338991IRGC 38991 BARBALHAOryza sativa L. Brazil52009WS 550 CHA SD1033945
1439033IRGC 39033 GUARACIOryza sativa L. Brazil52009WS 762 CHA SD1033949
1539035IRGC 39035 GUEDESOryza sativa L. Brazil32010WS 38 CHA SD1033950
1639123IRGC 39123 409890Oryza sativa L. Brazil42009WS 427 CHA SD1033957
1743646IRGC 43646 SIRAOOryza sativa L. Indonesia52007WS 2847 CHA SD1034698
1847087IRGC 47087 BUNGA'T KAYOOryza sativa L. Philippines52008WS 2290 CHA SD1035197
1947126IRGC 47126 BA-A-LAROryza sativa L. Philippines52008WS 2248 CHA SD1035205
2047196IRGC 47196 DAWAGOryza sativa L. Philippines32009WS 669 CHA SD1035222
2147282IRGC 47282 MATUNGODOryza sativa L. Philippines52009WS 1245 CHA SD1035251
2247354IRGC 47354 348519Oryza sativa L. Philippines52009WS 443 CHA SD1035267
2347363IRGC 47363 ALAGIA VANANOryza sativa L. Sri Lanka42010WS 396 CHA SD1035268
2448164IRGC 48164 KHAO LEUAGOryza sativa L. Thailand52009WS 1006 CHA SD1035529
2548314IRGC 48314 LEUANG YAI RAIOryza sativa L. Thailand52008WS 1964 CHA SD1035580
2648457IRGC 48457 SA TAEN LETOryza sativa L. Thailand42009WS 1638 CHA SD1035622
2749112IRGC 49112 LATASAILOryza sativa L. Bangladesh52010WS 26 CHA SD1035885
2850571IRGC 50571 RONDONOryza sativa L. Brazil52008WS 476 CHA SD1036325
2950620IRGC 50620 20Oryza sativa L. Brazil32010WS 36 CHA SD1036329
3054139IRGC 54139 ANE NAOBOryza sativa L. Indonesia32010WS 178 CHA SD1036801
3154153IRGC 54153 ARE SERAOryza sativa L. Indonesia52008WS 906 CHA SD1036807
3254166IRGC 54166 BURENG KUNINGOryza sativa L. Indonesia42009WS 602 CHA SD1036814
3354623IRGC 54623 PADI MELOR KEDAHOryza sativa L. Malaysia52009WS 1456 CHA SD1037129
3455714IRGC 55714 KHIAW NOKGA BINGOryza sativa L. 52007WS 2051 CHA SD1037479
3555750IRGC 55750 PRATAY KOMPONG THOMOryza sativa L. 52007WS 2056 CHA SD1037503
3655861IRGC 55861 IAC 165Oryza sativa L. Brazil42009WS 807 CHA SD1037543
3756669IRGC 56669 BRODEGBOKOUAOryza sativa L. 32008WS 1084 CHA SD1037645
3857081IRGC 57081 AMARELAO AGULHAOryza sativa L. Brazil52009WS 484 CHA SD1037706
3957238IRGC 57238 CHAW PRAIOryza sativa L. Thailand52009WS 627 CHA SD1037752
4057408IRGC 57408 PRAYAH SAIOryza sativa L. Thailand52010WS 465 CHA SD1037881
4160371IRGC 60371 MARAGANG (H)Oryza sativa L. Malaysia52008WS 1299 CHA SD1038808
4260609IRGC 60609 UGNAH IPUGO TINAWONOryza sativa L. Philippines42009WS 1773 CHA SD1039106
4360610IRGC 60610 UYAWA LP T YTS 402Oryza sativa L. Philippines52009WS 1788 CHA SD1039109
4463364IRGC 63364 NALEOryza sativa L. Nimba, Liberia52008WS 1176 CHA SD1040178
4564203IRGC 64203 TUMAOOryza sativa L. Philippines52010WS 388 CHA SD1040447
4664583IRGC 64583 PI LAOOryza sativa L. Thailand52008WS 2054 CHA SD1040888
4764652IRGC 64652 UM NUAYOryza sativa L. Thailand52008WS 2135 CHA SD1040988
4865912IRGC 65912 KHAO LAM YAIOryza sativa L. Thailand52009WS 1005 CHA SD1041386
4965983IRGC 65983 KHIEW GAEWOryza sativa L. Thailand52009WS 1052 CHA SD1041503
5066080IRGC 66080 MA WAI NOIOryza sativa L. Thailand52009WS 1186 CHA SD1041623
5166353IRGC 66353 NINA SIRA (SRA)Oryza sativa L. Guinea52010WS 590 CHA SD1041834
5266884IRGC 66884 SIKEMBIRI LUMUT 16247Oryza sativa L. 52008WS 1064 CHA SD1042312
5366888IRGC 66888 SISAHANOryza sativa L. 52008WS 1072 CHA SD1042318
5466923IRGC 66923 MERKE DANEOryza sativa L. Guinea52008WS 807 CHA SD1042347
5569520IRGC 69520 EX DANOryza sativa L. Burkina Faso52009WS 706 CHA SD1042949
5669524IRGC 69524 EX DEMSAOryza sativa L. Nigeria42008WS 1579 CHA SD1042952
5771054IRGC 71054 BEU TOH TEH BAWNGOryza sativa L. Thailand52008WS 1741 CHA SD1043316
5871074IRGC 71074 BUENG AO PUEYOryza sativa L. Thailand52008WS 1750 CHA SD1043355
5971271IRGC 71271 LEUANG GLIANGOryza sativa L. Thailand42008WS 1948 CHA SD1043594
6071390IRGC 71390 PI REUAY NAM FONOryza sativa L. Thailand52009WS 1542 CHA SD1043820
6171426IRGC 71426 SANG GLAIOryza sativa L. Thailand52009WS 1661 CHA SD1043874
6271812IRGC 71812 PULUT KERIAKOryza sativa L. Malaysia52009WS 1586 CHA SD1044170
6373480IRGC 73480 KHI PEDOryza sativa L. Thailand52009WS 1049 CHA SD1045229
6474555IRGC 74555 HORARINOryza sativa L. Japan52009WS 794 CHA SD1045781
6575086IRGC 75086 NIAW KHAMINOryza sativa L. Thailand52008WS 2026 CHA SD1046079
6675822IRGC 75822 RIZ DE 4 MOISOryza sativa L. Burkina Faso32008WS 556 CHA SD1046674
6776931IRGC 76931 GAO RUANGOryza sativa L. Thailand52009WS 737 CHA SD1047558
6877559IRGC 77559 CEMPO SAMBAYOOryza sativa L. Indonesia52008WS 932 CHA SD1048295
6977914IRGC 77914 VARIBE MALANDYOryza sativa L. 32008WS 1223 CHA SD1048693
7078935IRGC 78935 P T Q QIMBUQQUKAN QAN MINANGANOryza sativa L. Philippines52008WS 2537 CHA SD1049808
7179952IRGC 79952 EX MONRI (BARIBA)Oryza sativa L. Benin52009WS 709 CHA SD1050936
7281514IRGC 81514 PALAO AMPUTOryza sativa L. Indonesia42008WS 1009 CHA SD1052211
7384065IRGC 84065 LOSAOryza sativa L. 52009WS 1177 CHA SD1054914
7484370IRGC 84370 CHMAR SAR THNGONOryza sativa L. Cambodia02014WS 842 CHA SD1055236
7586437IRGC 86437 BELOHALIKAOryza sativa L. Madagascar52009WS 561 CHA SD1057333
7688315IRGC 88315 QUINTAOryza sativa L. Philippines42010WS 383 CHA SD1059010
7794392IRGC 94392 SRAU KHMORNOryza sativa L. Cambodia52010WS 47 CHA SD1064057
7895710IRGC 95710 TOMORONGOOryza sativa L. Madagascar52010WS 262 CHA SD1065418
7997853IRGC 97853 AZUCENAOryza sativa L. Philippines52008WS 2245 CHA SD1067741
8099985IRGC 99985 Chuva taOryza sativa L. Laos52009WS 638 CHA SD1069832
81110722IRGC 110722 PADI LIWAGUOryza sativa L. Malaysia52008WS 1363 CHA SD1075536
82111723IRGC 111723 Hok doOryza sativa L. Laos52009WS 789 CHA SD1076639
83111763IRGC 111763 KAA TIEVOryza sativa L. Laos52009WS 921 CHA SD1076684
84111894IRGC 111894 KONOryza sativa L. Laos52009WS 1079 CHA SD1076823
85112638IRGC 112638 BLE SAOryza sativa L. 52007WS 3639 CHA SD1077609
86112736IRGC 112736 96-221Oryza sativa L. Cao Bang, Vietnam52009WS 461 CHA SD1077714
87113287IRGC 113287 Hang dam nyaoOryza sativa L. Laos42009WS 766 CHA SD1078282
88113490IRGC 113490 DENG PEEKOryza sativa L. Laos52009WS 676 CHA SD1078495
89113678IRGC 113678 RANJAMOryza sativa L. Malaysia52009WS 1616 CHA SD1078677
90113787IRGC 113787 KEOOryza sativa L. Laos52009WS 972 CHA SD1078787
91114103IRGC 114103 Ngeun lieng kangOryza sativa L. Laos52009WS 1351 CHA SD1079112
92114823IRGC 114823 LAI DENGOryza sativa L. Laos42009WS 1118 CHA SD1079851
93114953IRGC 114953 VARY MENAOryza sativa L. Madagascar52007WS 3060 CHA SD1079984
94115234IRGC 115234 KALIOryza sativa L. Laos52009WS 934 CHA SD1080277
95115275IRGC 115275 PER 96-8Oryza sativa L. Malaysia42009WS 464 CHA SD1080322
96115316IRGC 115316 KATUBODOryza sativa L. Philippines32009WS 965 CHA SD1080367
97115571IRGC 115571 P T Q QINDONAALOryza sativa L. Philippines52009WS 1391 CHA SD1080632
98116763IRGC 116763 IR 84631-167 MPOryza sativa L. 52007WS 1647 CHA SD1081843
99117251IRGC 117251 IAC 164Oryza sativa L. Brazil42008WS 474 CHA SD1082336
100117252IRGC 117252 IAC 165Oryza sativa L. Brazil32008WS 475 CHA SD1082337
101117256IRGC 117256 BCF 760Oryza sativa L. 52008WS 1587 CHA SD1082341
102117272IRGC 117272 MOROBEREKANOryza sativa L. 42008WS 808 CHA SD1082640
103117305IRGC 117305 IR 77981-19-6-47-BOryza sativa L. 52009WS 862 CHA SD1082685
104117441IRGC 117441 CAROLINA GOLD::IRGC 1723-1Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 263 CHA SD1082825
105117474IRGC 117474 GERDEH::IRGC 32301-1Oryza sativa L. 52012WS 1553 CHA SD1082858
106117480IRGC 117480 GOGO LEMPUK::IRGC 43394-1Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 893 CHA SD1082864
107117489IRGC 117489 IAC 25::IRGC 19642-1Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 959 CHA SD1082873
108117490IRGC 117490 IGUAPE CATETO::IRGC 4122-1Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 980 CHA SD1082874
109117546IRGC 117546 PADI BOENAR::IRGC 9147-1Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 1541 CHA SD1082930
110117590IRGC 117590 TREMBESE::IRGC 43675-1Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 1855 CHA SD1082974
111117594IRGC 117594 O. sativa::IRGC 5441-2Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 1920 CHA SD1082978
112117612IRGC 117612 GEUMOBYEOOryza sativa L. 52011WS 882 CHA SD1082996
113117615IRGC 117615 IAC 25Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 960 CHA SD1082999
114117626IRGC 117626 WC 4419Oryza sativa L. 42012WS 1478 CHA SD1083010
115117627IRGC 117627 1021Oryza sativa L. 52012WS 1473 CHA SD1083011
116117643IRGC 117643 ASSE Y PUNGOryza sativa L. 52011WS 99 CHA SD1083027
117117646IRGC 117646 B 6616 A 4-22-BK-5-4Oryza sativa L. United States52011WS 134 CHA SD1083030
118117674IRGC 117674 CAAWA/FORTUNAOryza sativa L. 52011WS 254 CHA SD1083058
119117689IRGC 117689 CI 11011Oryza sativa L. United States52011WS 308 CHA SD1083073
120117699IRGC 117699 CYBONNETOryza sativa L. United States42011WS 741 CHA SD1083083
121117736IRGC 117736 FORTUNAOryza sativa L. United States52011WS 869 CHA SD1083120
122117737IRGC 117737 FOSSA AVOryza sativa L. 52011WS 870 CHA SD1083121
123117749IRGC 117749 HIDERISIRAZUOryza sativa L. 42011WS 921 CHA SD1083133
124117750IRGC 117750 HONDURASOryza sativa L. United States42011WS 927 CHA SD1083134
125117756IRGC 117756 IITA 135Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 983 CHA SD1083140
126117776IRGC 117776 KANIRANGAOryza sativa L. 52011WS 1137 CHA SD1083160
127117857IRGC 117857 R 101Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 1638 CHA SD1083241
128117895IRGC 117895 SRI MALAYSIA DUAOryza sativa L. 52011WS 1747 CHA SD1083279
129117930IRGC 117930 VICTORIA F.A.Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 1885 CHA SD1083314
130117933IRGC 117933 WAB56-104Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 1889 CHA SD1083317
131118228IRGC 118228 MK TELOVOLANAOryza sativa L. Madagascar02012WS 1888 CHA SD1083884
132118271IRGC 118271 ROKAOryza sativa L. Madagascar52012WS 1931 CHA SD1083964
133118284IRGC 118284 SOABEOryza sativa L. Madagascar52012WS 1944 CHA SD1083989
134119783IRGC 119783 CNA 95-BM-31-BM 4-1 P-9Oryza sativa L. Brazil42011WS 326 CHA SD1085993
135119787IRGC 119787 CNAX 104-B-18-2-7Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 330 CHA SD1085998
136119788IRGC 119788 CNAX 1417-3-5-1Oryza sativa L. 42011WS 331 CHA SD1085999
137120000IRGC 120000 CT 6775-5-17-5-1-6Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 549 CHA SD1086220
138120051IRGC 120051 CT 7244-9-2-1-31Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 599 CHA SD1086273
139120187IRGC 120187 CUBA C 65Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 739 CHA SD1086412
140120189IRGC 120189 DAENGOryza sativa L. 52011WS 751 CHA SD1086414
141120198IRGC 120198 EMBARRENADOOryza sativa L. 42011WS 830 CHA SD1086423
142120330IRGC 120330 MOROBEREKAN MUTANTE 1Oryza sativa L. 32012WS 1362 CHA SD1086564
143120335IRGC 120335 NGOVIE-AOryza sativa L. 52011WS 1295 CHA SD1086569
144120602IRGC 120602 S-N-4Oryza sativa L. 42011WS 1740 CHA SD1086839
145120630IRGC 120630 TOX 1010-2-15Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 1803 CHA SD1086868
146120638IRGC 120638 TOX 1177-BOryza sativa L. 52011WS 1811 CHA SD1086878
147120642IRGC 120642 TOX 1768-1-2-3Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 1815 CHA SD1086882
148120643IRGC 120643 TOX 1774-MIX-1Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 1816 CHA SD1086883
149120654IRGC 120654 TOX 1787-MIX-3-18Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 1824 CHA SD1086895
150121127IRGC 121127 SUDUWEE::IRGC 8972-1Oryza sativa L. 52011WS 1748 CHA SD1087375
151121348IRGC 121348 HATAKINUMOCHI::IRGC 73034-1Oryza sativa L. 52012WS 1470 CHA SD1087594
152121361IRGC 121361 IAC 47::IRGC 116992-1Oryza sativa L. 52012WS 1453 CHA SD1087607
153121395IRGC 121395 KORURING::IRGC 18021-1Oryza sativa L. 52012WS 1551 CHA SD1087639
154121409IRGC 121409 LEVANTE HOMEM::IRGC 50492-1Oryza sativa L. 52012WS 1454 CHA SD1087652
155121412IRGC 121412 LIGERITO (CORTO PUBESCENTE)::IRGC 19919-1Oryza sativa L. 32012WS 1461 CHA SD1087655
156122830IRGC 122830 DPRK 036M 2036Oryza sativa L. Korea, North52013WS 481 CHA SD1088196
157125053IRGC 125053 DPRK 036L 874Oryza sativa L. Korea, North02014WS 644 CHA SD1090298
158125069IRGC 125069 DPRK 036L 9249Oryza sativa L. Korea, North02014WS 23 CHA SD1090314
159125571IRGC 125571 DPRK 036S 7168Oryza sativa L. Korea, North02014WS 451 CHA SD1090816
160128563IRGC 128563 MADIRAT 87Oryza sativa L. Madagascar02014WS 976 CHA SD1091295
161128573IRGC 128573 ADANOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 75 CHA SD1091305
162128576IRGC 128576 ANAK IKAN KELUBIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 104 CHA SD1091311
163128577IRGC 128577 ANAK IKAN RENDAH 152Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1693 CHA SD1091313
164128580IRGC 128580 BANGKOKOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 984 CHA SD1091317
165128581IRGC 128581 BANJAR KULONOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 105 CHA SD1091320
166128582IRGC 128582 BAWANGOryza sativa L. Malaysia52014WS 879 CHA SD1091323
167128583IRGC 128583 BEGOHOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1577 CHA SD1091324
168128588IRGC 128588 BIGOHOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1837 CHA SD1091331
169128591IRGC 128591 BUDUOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1731 CHA SD1091336
170128592IRGC 128592 BUIHOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 711 CHA SD1091339
171128595IRGC 128595 BURUHOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 924 CHA SD1091344
172128605IRGC 128605 DEWATOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 346 CHA SD1091355
173128612IRGC 128612 HITAMOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 141 CHA SD1091365
174128618IRGC 128618 HUMA LENGGONG 2Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 345 CHA SD1091372
175128621IRGC 128621 INTAN BERLIANOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 844 CHA SD1091376
176128623IRGC 128623 JAMBIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1794 CHA SD1091380
177128624IRGC 128624 JAMBU PUTEHOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 287 CHA SD1091383
178128625IRGC 128625 JANDA BERHIAS 137Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 463 CHA SD1091386
179128627IRGC 128627 JAROM EMAS 135Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 271 CHA SD1091389
180128630IRGC 128630 JARUM MASOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1913 CHA SD1091394
181128631IRGC 128631 JINTAN BESUTOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 130 CHA SD1091396
182128632IRGC 128632 JINTAN KORENG 1215Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 460 CHA SD1091399
183128634IRGC 128634 JINTAN MANIS 158Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1182 CHA SD1091404
184128635IRGC 128635 JINTAN MANIS 194Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1788 CHA SD1091407
185128636IRGC 128636 JINTAN MANIS 315Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 918 CHA SD1091410
186128638IRGC 128638 JINTAN MANIS 527Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 778 CHA SD1091415
187128639IRGC 128639 JINTAN PETANIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1538 CHA SD1091418
188128641IRGC 128641 JINTAN POK MATOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 359 CHA SD1091421
189128648IRGC 128648 KARESIKOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1492 CHA SD1091429
190128649IRGC 128649 KATEKOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1910 CHA SD1091432
191128654IRGC 128654 KERSEKOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 395 CHA SD1091438
192128655IRGC 128655 KETITIROryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1234 CHA SD1091441
193128658IRGC 128658 KUATIK PUTIHOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1061 CHA SD1091446
194128667IRGC 128667 LANGSATOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1762 CHA SD1091458
195128668IRGC 128668 LANGSAT 25Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1057 CHA SD1091459
196128669IRGC 128669 LANJUTOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 479 CHA SD1091461
197128670IRGC 128670 LANJUTOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 217 CHA SD1091463
198128671IRGC 128671 LASAK 51Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 339 CHA SD1091465
199128672IRGC 128672 LEMBU BASAH 194Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1602 CHA SD1091468
200128673IRGC 128673 LEMBU JABIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 741 CHA SD1091471
201128675IRGC 128675 LEMBU JABIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1543 CHA SD1091476
202128676IRGC 128676 LEMBU JABIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1338 CHA SD1091478
203128696IRGC 128696 MASRIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1193 CHA SD1091501
204128698IRGC 128698 MAS USEOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 139 CHA SD1091504
205128699IRGC 128699 MAT SAKOOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1041 CHA SD1091507
206128700IRGC 128700 MAYAM KELUBIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1332 CHA SD1091509
207128701IRGC 128701 MAYANGOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1836 CHA SD1091512
208128706IRGC 128706 MAYANG KELUBI 123Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 581 CHA SD1091521
209128710IRGC 128710 MAYANG PASIROryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 413 CHA SD1091528
210128713IRGC 128713 MELAKAOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 385 CHA SD1091534
211128714IRGC 128714 MELITOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 218 CHA SD1091537
212128716IRGC 128716 MELOROryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1818 CHA SD1091542
213128717IRGC 128717 MELOR KEDAHOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 866 CHA SD1091545
214128719IRGC 128719 MINYAKOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1677 CHA SD1091549
215128722IRGC 128722 MUAR KUNINGOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1082 CHA SD1091554
216128723IRGC 128723 MUAR PAK DOCK 891Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 67 CHA SD1091557
217128724IRGC 128724 MUAR PAK DOKOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1570 CHA SD1091560
218128725IRGC 128725 MUAR PANDANOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 270 CHA SD1091563
219128731IRGC 128731 NANGKAOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 932 CHA SD1091573
220128735IRGC 128735 NELIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 193 CHA SD1091580
221128746IRGC 128746 CHAO DENGOryza sativa L. Laos02014WS 22 CHA SD1091592
222128771IRGC 128771 DOK MAK VAOryza sativa L. Laos52014WS 651 CHA SD1091619
223128824IRGC 128824 KHAO KEN KANGOryza sativa L. Laos42014WS 221 CHA SD1091672
224128918IRGC 128918 XIEOryza sativa L. Laos02014WS 901 CHA SD1091766
225128929IRGC 128929 Agai PutihOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1126 CHA SD1091778
226128936IRGC 128936 Arai PinangOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 675 CHA SD1091786
227128953IRGC 128953 Bandjar SolokOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1797 CHA SD1091805
228128960IRGC 128960 BenekOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 872 CHA SD1091816
229128962IRGC 128962 BengkongangOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 391 CHA SD1091820
230128974IRGC 128974 BrentelOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 659 CHA SD1091832
231128979IRGC 128979 Cantik KeumalaOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1118 CHA SD1091840
232128983IRGC 128983 Cempo DeleOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1331 CHA SD1091845
233129024IRGC 129024 GetikOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1303 CHA SD1091888
234129044IRGC 129044 IbutOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1656 CHA SD1091909
235129063IRGC 129063 KalupakOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 64 CHA SD1091929
236129073IRGC 129073 Ketalun BaloOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 564 CHA SD1091940
237129090IRGC 129090 Ketan Pana ManisOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 692 CHA SD1091959
238129105IRGC 129105 KetupatOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1015 CHA SD1091977
239129112IRGC 129112 KrayanOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 636 CHA SD1091986
240129113IRGC 129113 KretekanOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1040 CHA SD1091989
241129114IRGC 129114 KrowalOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1263 CHA SD1091992
242129137IRGC 129137 Lumaik HitamOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 702 CHA SD1092017
243129175IRGC 129175 Padai Adan PutihOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 263 CHA SD1092062
244129176IRGC 129176 Padai Apui LaingOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1766 CHA SD1092065
245129177IRGC 129177 Padai AtokOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1697 CHA SD1092068
246129178IRGC 129178 Padai BaanOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 860 CHA SD1092071
247129190IRGC 129190 Padai KetanOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1186 CHA SD1092083
248129197IRGC 129197 Padai PalapakOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 468 CHA SD1092097
249129199IRGC 129199 Padai PanciOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1211 CHA SD1092101
250129200IRGC 129200 Padai Pulut Bale KulitOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1171 CHA SD1092104
251129201IRGC 129201 Padai Pulut MerahOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1950 CHA SD1092107
252129202IRGC 129202 Padai Pulut MpengOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 368 CHA SD1092110
253129206IRGC 129206 Padai Pulut SawahOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1712 CHA SD1092117
254129208IRGC 129208 Padai TalunOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1942 CHA SD1092121
255129420IRGC 129420 DPRK 036M 1238Oryza sativa L. Korea, North02014WS 121 CHA SD1092340

International Rice Genebank Germplasm Distribution and Exchange Policy

IRRI continues the free international exchange of germplasm, in accordance with the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA). We provide rice in small quantities to any entity or establishment for research, breeding, or training for food and agriculture purposes; free of charge. At the same time, we gratefully receive seed contributions to add to our collection.

The procedure for acquiring seeds from IRRI are as follows:
1. Read, study and comply with Standard Material Transfer Agreement(SMTA).
2. Inquire, search and choose accessions through GRIN-Global or Genesys websites.
3. Submit requests electronically through the public websites (refer to #2)