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0574IRGC 574 SAMPAY BAKODOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2008WS 2582 CHA SD1029814
14022IRGC 4022 BINIRHENOryza sativa L. 7 2008WS 2262 CHA SD1029981
27730IRGC 7730 HATHIELOryza sativa L. Sri Lanka7 2009WS 774 CHA SD1030227
38091IRGC 8091 PARAY KINANDAHOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2008WS 2548 CHA SD1030266
48166IRGC 8166 P T Q KINTUMMANOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2007WS 1854 CHA SD1030281
58170IRGC 8170 P T Q QINGAYYUHIPONOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2009WS 1394 CHA SD1030284
617293IRGC 17293 BEUNTEUROryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2008WS 919 CHA SD1031802
717296IRGC 17296 BEUREUM AREUJOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2008WS 920 CHA SD1031805
817297IRGC 17297 BEUREUM AREUJOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2008WS 921 CHA SD1031806
919451IRGC 19451 MALAGKIT PUTIOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2008WS 2486 CHA SD1032010
1019455IRGC 19455 MALANDING PUTIOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2008WS 2498 CHA SD1032012
1122220IRGC 22220 ARC 12641Oryza sativa L. India7 2009WS 492 CHA SD1032144
1223366IRGC 23366 DAGIOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2008WS 2314 CHA SD1032253
1325813IRGC 25813 TAHUN BATUOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2010WS 199 CHA SD1032374
1430457IRGC 30457 KETEKEOryza sativa L. Sierra Leone7 2009WS 980 CHA SD1033008
1531996IRGC 31996 PULUT SUBAHANAOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2010WS 197 CHA SD1033092
1632267IRGC 32267 TIEU MANOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2009WS 1762 CHA SD1033153
1732910IRGC 32910 KALA AMAN 1069Oryza sativa L. Bangladesh7 2009WS 927 CHA SD1033203
1835287IRGC 35287 GOGO PAPAH NGARENOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2008WS 953 CHA SD1033387
1935385IRGC 35385 PADI RANDINGOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2008WS 1004 CHA SD1033419
2035736IRGC 35736 KETAN JAMIDINOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2008WS 974 CHA SD1033501
2135930IRGC 35930 05-126Oryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2008WS 902 CHA SD1033528
2235936IRGC 35936 05-132Oryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2008WS 903 CHA SD1033529
2340615IRGC 40615 DAGGEOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2008WS 2313 CHA SD1034053
2440762IRGC 40762 TRANAEP KANDIROryza sativa L. 7 2008WS 2213 CHA SD1034120
2543758IRGC 43758 PANCIOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2009WS 1504 CHA SD1034765
2644468IRGC 44468 INCANTADOOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2009WS 814 CHA SD1034887
2744563IRGC 44563 MACAN PINAOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2008WS 2425 CHA SD1034917
2846888IRGC 46888 CODE NO 31278Oryza sativa L. India7 2009WS 438 CHA SD1035156
2947214IRGC 47214 GINOBIERNOOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2009WS 746 CHA SD1035230
3047267IRGC 47267 MALAD KETOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2008WS 2451 CHA SD1035243
3148209IRGC 48209 KHAO DAENG RAIOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2009WS 993 CHA SD1035550
3248213IRGC 48213 KHAO DAENGOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2008WS 1839 CHA SD1035552
3348314IRGC 48314 LEUANG YAI RAIOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2008WS 1964 CHA SD1035580
3448457IRGC 48457 SA TAEN LETOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2009WS 1638 CHA SD1035622
3548574IRGC 48574 PULUT RAJAOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2009WS 1590 CHA SD1035681
3648770IRGC 48770 PADI CEMPAKAOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2008WS 1000 CHA SD1035743
3753036IRGC 53036 MALAGKIT OR PILITOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2008WS 2483 CHA SD1036573
3854180IRGC 54180 HARE KAKAEOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2007WS 2738 CHA SD1036827
3954290IRGC 54290 PADI REMBANGOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2008WS 1005 CHA SD1036866
4054315IRGC 54315 PARE KETAOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2008WS 1016 CHA SD1036876
4154541IRGC 54541 NENEKOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2009WS 1340 CHA SD1037062
4255167IRGC 55167 T 1476Oryza sativa L. India7 2008WS 892 CHA SD1037365
4355723IRGC 55723 METHI AMAN 9Oryza sativa L. 7 2009WS 1259 CHA SD1037488
4457654IRGC 57654 DJOO BLANCOryza sativa L. Guinea7 2009WS 683 CHA SD1037950
4558674IRGC 58674 SAWANIEOryza sativa L. Sierra Leone7 2009WS 1678 CHA SD1038316
4660359IRGC 60359 MALANJIOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2008WS 1292 CHA SD1038790
4760837IRGC 60837 JAO' KHAO 1Oryza sativa L. Thailand7 2008WS 1812 CHA SD1039222
4863112IRGC 63112 JEERAGASAMBAOryza sativa L. India7 2009WS 904 CHA SD1040099
4964193IRGC 64193 MONDAYOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2008WS 2520 CHA SD1040443
5064415IRGC 64415 KHAO PAWMOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2008WS 1880 CHA SD1040675
5165786IRGC 65786 BUN GERDOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2009WS 601 CHA SD1041233
5265788IRGC 65788 CHAW GAMOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2007WS 3456 CHA SD1041237
5366168IRGC 66168 SAI LAIOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2009WS 1646 CHA SD1041737
5466560IRGC 66560 INDAH SORIOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2008WS 961 CHA SD1042029
5566852IRGC 66852 GARANGUDAOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 2735 CHA SD1042273
5666864IRGC 66864 KETAN WANGIOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 2771 CHA SD1042288
5766868IRGC 66868 MUAT MENIA 16238Oryza sativa L. 7 2008WS 996 CHA SD1042293
5867445IRGC 67445 MALAGKIT TAGALOGOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2008WS 2491 CHA SD1042449
5969891IRGC 69891 TSIVIMBYOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2009WS 1771 CHA SD1043027
6071025IRGC 71025 AUNG JERNGOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2008WS 1738 CHA SD1043275
6171054IRGC 71054 BEU TOH TEH BAWNGOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2008WS 1741 CHA SD1043316
6271070IRGC 71070 BUENG AI JERNG PAH DOOOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2008WS 1749 CHA SD1043349
6371142IRGC 71142 FIRE MAIOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2009WS 717 CHA SD1043411
6471289IRGC 71289 LEUM NAHOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2009WS 1157 CHA SD1043617
6571467IRGC 71467 TON TIA GUAY NUOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2007WS 3575 CHA SD1043935
6671679IRGC 71679 LIKADOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2009WS 1158 CHA SD1044076
6771828IRGC 71828 SERENDAH CHEMPAOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2009WS 1688 CHA SD1044195
6873451IRGC 73451 KHAENG RAIOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2009WS 985 CHA SD1045196
6974914IRGC 74914 HUAY MUANGOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2008WS 1808 CHA SD1045959
7075152IRGC 75152 SAMER PLAIOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2007WS 3558 CHA SD1046112
7175169IRGC 75169 SOONG SAMER GANOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2008WS 2108 CHA SD1046125
7275349IRGC 75349 KANTOUY CHACHAKOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2009WS 953 CHA SD1046273
7375406IRGC 75406 SRAV SAROryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2009WS 1724 CHA SD1046369
7476219IRGC 76219 KAFADIGHAOryza sativa L. 7 2008WS 445 CHA SD1046831
7576242IRGC 76242 MURABAZALOryza sativa L. 7 2008WS 461 CHA SD1046852
7676926IRGC 76926 DAWK MAI SAIOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2009WS 672 CHA SD1047549
7777559IRGC 77559 CEMPO SAMBAYOOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2008WS 932 CHA SD1048295
7879952IRGC 79952 EX MONRI (BARIBA)Oryza sativa L. Benin7 2009WS 709 CHA SD1050936
7980353IRGC 80353 P T Q HAYUQBABAOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2007WS 1851 CHA SD1051358
8080385IRGC 80385 DINORADOOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2008WS 2328 CHA SD1051392
8181611IRGC 81611 KAMOryza sativa L. Laos7 2007WS 2913 CHA SD1052311
8282192IRGC 82192 LOSAOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3939 CHA SD1052920
8382213IRGC 82213 KANTUY CHKEOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2009WS 954 CHA SD1052955
8482454IRGC 82454 Ble cheu raOryza sativa L. Laos7 2010WS 229 CHA SD1053211
8582555IRGC 82555 LEUANG YOD HOYOryza sativa L. Laos7 2007WS 2917 CHA SD1053314
8682765IRGC 82765 KHAU MA HOOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2009WS 1033 CHA SD1053559
8783012IRGC 83012 BINIRHENOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2008WS 2264 CHA SD1053804
8883539IRGC 83539 LAME JARAN AND RUPAKOTI JARANOryza sativa L. 7 2008WS 1571 CHA SD1054376
8984064IRGC 84064 LOSAOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3941 CHA SD1054911
9084135IRGC 84135 MALAGKITOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2008WS 2473 CHA SD1054991
9186437IRGC 86437 BELOHALIKAOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2009WS 561 CHA SD1057333
9287089IRGC 87089 RAMADITRA NA VIMBOAHANGYOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2008WS 1208 CHA SD1057715
9390662IRGC 90662 KHAU PAIOryza sativa L. Tuyen Quang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3742 CHA SD1060949
9491831IRGC 91831 ChaoOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 615 CHA SD1062138
9592400IRGC 92400 GAM PEUAKOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2007WS 3474 CHA SD1062722
9692514IRGC 92514 SAHM SIOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2009WS 1644 CHA SD1062857
9794518IRGC 94518 BA DEUCHOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 535 CHA SD1064194
9896123IRGC 96123 MALAGKITOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2008WS 2474 CHA SD1065858
9996263IRGC 96263 CHET SOMOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2009WS 629 CHA SD1066014
10096573IRGC 96573 NEP MOOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2009WS 1343 CHA SD1066342
10197508IRGC 97508 KINE SAPAOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2009WS 1061 CHA SD1067382
102109092IRGC 109092 CAPIZOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2008WS 2306 CHA SD1073722
103109149IRGC 109149 KavaertOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2008WS 630 CHA SD1073785
104109424IRGC 109424 LIS LOUSOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2008WS 663 CHA SD1074098
105109724IRGC 109724 PLAI NGAHMOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2009WS 1554 CHA SD1074441
106110955IRGC 110955 PULUT ARANGOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2008WS 1438 CHA SD1075847
107111128IRGC 111128 KokOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1073 CHA SD1076030
108111154IRGC 111154 CHAO DENGOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 620 CHA SD1076057
109111180IRGC 111180 PADI RANTAIOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2007WS 3260 CHA SD1076084
110111191IRGC 111191 PULUT HITAMOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2007WS 3335 CHA SD1076096
111111193IRGC 111193 BINIBEOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2007WS 556 CHA SD1076098
112111194IRGC 111194 CAPINOOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2007WS 568 CHA SD1076099
113111195IRGC 111195 KABIRAYOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2007WS 1774 CHA SD1076100
114111205IRGC 111205 KHAU BAUOryza sativa L. Cao Bang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3671 CHA SD1076110
115111207IRGC 111207 KHAU LANGOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3698 CHA SD1076113
116111208IRGC 111208 KHAU LANHOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3699 CHA SD1076114
117111209IRGC 111209 KHAU SEN THENGOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3763 CHA SD1076115
118111210IRGC 111210 KHAU TA BONGOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3765 CHA SD1076116
119111211IRGC 111211 KHAU TA BUNGOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3766 CHA SD1076117
120111212IRGC 111212 KHAU VANOryza sativa L. Son La, Vietnam7 2007WS 3775 CHA SD1076118
121111222IRGC 111222 BLE TU LAUOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3644 CHA SD1076128
122111223IRGC 111223 DJANG KLOIHOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3660 CHA SD1076129
123111346IRGC 111346 KHAO CHEINOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2297 CHA SD1076254
124111347IRGC 111347 KHAOWAOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2369 CHA SD1076255
125111349IRGC 111349 NAR PONEOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2421 CHA SD1076257
126111352IRGC 111352 MERAWIOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2007WS 2787 CHA SD1076260
127111370IRGC 111370 PULUT PELEPAHOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2007WS 3344 CHA SD1076278
128111412IRGC 111412 C 12Oryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2216 CHA SD1076321
129111413IRGC 111413 CHUMJA MAAPOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2162 CHA SD1076322
130111414IRGC 111414 DORIB MAAPOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2163 CHA SD1076323
131111415IRGC 111415 DUMJAOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2164 CHA SD1076324
132111416IRGC 111416 DUMJAOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2165 CHA SD1076325
133111417IRGC 111417 DUMJAOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2166 CHA SD1076326
134111418IRGC 111418 GOENJA MAP (RED)Oryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2167 CHA SD1076327
135111419IRGC 111419 HAMZIMOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2168 CHA SD1076328
136111420IRGC 111420 HASAYOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2169 CHA SD1076329
137111421IRGC 111421 HEMJEMOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2170 CHA SD1076330
138111423IRGC 111423 JAAMAPOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2171 CHA SD1076332
139111432IRGC 111432 KURTEPJAOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2181 CHA SD1076341
140111433IRGC 111433 LOCAL MAAPOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2182 CHA SD1076342
141111442IRGC 111442 REY KAAP OR ATTEYOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2197 CHA SD1076351
142111450IRGC 111450 THEMJAOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2207 CHA SD1076359
143111451IRGC 111451 WANGDAKARMOOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2208 CHA SD1076360
144111453IRGC 111453 YANGKUMOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2210 CHA SD1076362
145111455IRGC 111455 ZHUCHUMOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2212 CHA SD1076364
146111456IRGC 111456 ZHUCHUMOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2213 CHA SD1076365
147111465IRGC 111465 Art'-chhmuohOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2539 CHA SD1076374
148111471IRGC 111471 LvortOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2562 CHA SD1076380
149111477IRGC 111477 Pa ChreuosOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2612 CHA SD1076387
150111482IRGC 111482 PA LENGOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2622 CHA SD1076392
151111483IRGC 111483 PA LENGOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2623 CHA SD1076393
152111486IRGC 111486 Pa Maet PeuokOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2009WS 1405 CHA SD1076397
153111489IRGC 111489 PA SONGOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2630 CHA SD1076400
154111491IRGC 111491 Pa TraOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2632 CHA SD1076402
155111492IRGC 111492 PA TRORNGOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2633 CHA SD1076403
156111493IRGC 111493 PA YA PHLEUNOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2634 CHA SD1076404
157111495IRGC 111495 Pa Yang TorngOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2636 CHA SD1076406
158111498IRGC 111498 Pia NornOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2648 CHA SD1076409
159111500IRGC 111500 SRAU DAMM NOEBOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2672 CHA SD1076411
160111501IRGC 111501 SRAU DAMM NOEB KHMAUOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2673 CHA SD1076412
161111507IRGC 111507 Srau VeatnamOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2698 CHA SD1076419
162111723IRGC 111723 Hok doOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 789 CHA SD1076639
163111888IRGC 111888 Ko Da KoOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1068 CHA SD1076816
164111916IRGC 111916 LA HEDOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1105 CHA SD1076847
165112004IRGC 112004 MAK KHEUAOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1219 CHA SD1076939
166112103IRGC 112103 Niaw LaiOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1367 CHA SD1077043
167112148IRGC 112148 LG 4667Oryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 460 CHA SD1077089
168112354IRGC 112354 Thadokkham -1Oryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1751 CHA SD1077299
169112397IRGC 112397 FAWNG TIALOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2255 CHA SD1077342
170112402IRGC 112402 KHAO HAUKOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2300 CHA SD1077348
171112404IRGC 112404 KHAO KAM PAROryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2307 CHA SD1077350
172112406IRGC 112406 KHAO LAIN KANOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2313 CHA SD1077352
173112408IRGC 112408 KHAO MA KAWOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2317 CHA SD1077355
174112412IRGC 112412 KHAO MONOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2325 CHA SD1077359
175112419IRGC 112419 KHAO PAUNGOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2347 CHA SD1077366
176112423IRGC 112423 KHENG KHAIOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2390 CHA SD1077370
177112424IRGC 112424 LAWNG TIALOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2405 CHA SD1077371
178112427IRGC 112427 PHUL BUHOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2448 CHA SD1077374
179112433IRGC 112433 VOM THAUOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2512 CHA SD1077380
180112436IRGC 112436 ZO HMUIOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2526 CHA SD1077383
181112467IRGC 112467 PADI PUTIHOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2009WS 1477 CHA SD1077420
182112469IRGC 112469 PADI SIA PELANUKOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2007WS 3276 CHA SD1077422
183112511IRGC 112511 DINALAGAOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2007WS 635 CHA SD1077465
184112512IRGC 112512 DINULYASOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2007WS 637 CHA SD1077466
185112518IRGC 112518 ININGKANTOOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2007WS 671 CHA SD1077472
186112615IRGC 112615 BLE TRONGOryza sativa L. Son La, Vietnam7 2007WS 3642 CHA SD1077585
187112616IRGC 112616 KHAU LENGOryza sativa L. Tuyen Quang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3711 CHA SD1077586
188112617IRGC 112617 BCEO BIU SIOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3595 CHA SD1077587
189112620IRGC 112620 BLAU GIANG CANOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3612 CHA SD1077590
190112622IRGC 112622 BLAU LAOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3614 CHA SD1077592
191112627IRGC 112627 BLAU SAM LUATOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3620 CHA SD1077598
192112629IRGC 112629 BLE CAUOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3624 CHA SD1077600
193112630IRGC 112630 BLE CHUA TEOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3628 CHA SD1077601
194112633IRGC 112633 BLE DU CAOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3631 CHA SD1077604
195112636IRGC 112636 BLE LAU CHUAOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3635 CHA SD1077607
196112641IRGC 112641 CAP LAIOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3648 CHA SD1077612
197112646IRGC 112646 HOU HEO MAOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3667 CHA SD1077617
198112647IRGC 112647 KHAO NUA MENG THUNGOryza sativa L. Cao Bang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3670 CHA SD1077618
199112648IRGC 112648 KHAU BO MAYOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3672 CHA SD1077619
200112655IRGC 112655 KHAU HEOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3689 CHA SD1077628
201112656IRGC 112656 KHAU HSIOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3690 CHA SD1077629
202112658IRGC 112658 KHAU KHAOryza sativa L. Tuyen Quang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3693 CHA SD1077631
203112660IRGC 112660 KHAU LAI NOCOryza sativa L. Cao Bang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3696 CHA SD1077633
204112661IRGC 112661 KHAU LAI SANOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3697 CHA SD1077634
205112663IRGC 112663 KHAU LANHOryza sativa L. Son La, Vietnam7 2007WS 3701 CHA SD1077636
206112665IRGC 112665 KHAU LAOOryza sativa L. Tuyen Quang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3704 CHA SD1077638
207112666IRGC 112666 KHAU LECOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3706 CHA SD1077639
208112667IRGC 112667 KHAU LECHOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3708 CHA SD1077640
209112668IRGC 112668 KHAU LO LONOryza sativa L. Son La, Vietnam7 2007WS 3712 CHA SD1077641
210112669IRGC 112669 KHAU LONOryza sativa L. Son La, Vietnam7 2007WS 3713 CHA SD1077642
211112671IRGC 112671 KHAU NAM XITOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3719 CHA SD1077644
212112674IRGC 112674 KHAU NHONOryza sativa L. Tuyen Quang, Vietnam7 2009WS 1034 CHA SD1077648
213112677IRGC 112677 KHAU NUA CHIA SAYOryza sativa L. Lang Son, Vietnam7 2007WS 3727 CHA SD1077651
214112678IRGC 112678 KHAU NUA DAUOryza sativa L. Lang Son, Vietnam7 2007WS 3728 CHA SD1077652
215112679IRGC 112679 KHAU NUA HOMOryza sativa L. Cao Bang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3729 CHA SD1077653
216112686IRGC 112686 KHAU POMOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3755 CHA SD1077661
217112687IRGC 112687 KHAU SAY PHUOryza sativa L. Son La, Vietnam7 2007WS 3759 CHA SD1077662
218112688IRGC 112688 KHAU SAY PHUOryza sativa L. Son La, Vietnam7 2007WS 3760 CHA SD1077663
219112690IRGC 112690 KHAU SEN PONOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3762 CHA SD1077666
220112691IRGC 112691 KHAU SETAOOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3764 CHA SD1077667
221112692IRGC 112692 KHAU THEPOryza sativa L. Cao Bang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3772 CHA SD1077668
222112693IRGC 112693 KHAU TINOryza sativa L. Son La, Vietnam7 2007WS 3773 CHA SD1077669
223112694IRGC 112694 KHAU TRAM TANOryza sativa L. Cao Bang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3774 CHA SD1077670
224112695IRGC 112695 KHAU VAN LANHOryza sativa L. Son La, Vietnam7 2007WS 3778 CHA SD1077671
225112696IRGC 112696 KHAU XA BANGOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3779 CHA SD1077672
226112697IRGC 112697 KHAU XIEN PANOryza sativa L. Lang Son, Vietnam7 2007WS 3783 CHA SD1077673
227112707IRGC 112707 NEP CAI NAOOryza sativa L. Tuyen Quang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3837 CHA SD1077683
228112709IRGC 112709 NGO GANOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3864 CHA SD1077685
229112710IRGC 112710 NGO GIACOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3865 CHA SD1077686
230112711IRGC 112711 NGO HIENGOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3866 CHA SD1077687
231112712IRGC 112712 NGO HIENGOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3867 CHA SD1077688
232112713IRGC 112713 NGO HLANGOryza sativa L. 7 2009WS 1352 CHA SD1077690
233112715IRGC 112715 NGO KLOOCOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3871 CHA SD1077692
234112716IRGC 112716 NGO LANGOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3872 CHA SD1077693
235112720IRGC 112720 NGO VOOCOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3880 CHA SD1077697
236112721IRGC 112721 NGO ZOIOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3882 CHA SD1077698
237112724IRGC 112724 RAI RUOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3907 CHA SD1077701
238112725IRGC 112725 RAI RUOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3908 CHA SD1077702
239112726IRGC 112726 TA BONGOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3910 CHA SD1077703
240112727IRGC 112727 TA COOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3912 CHA SD1077704
241112728IRGC 112728 TA COOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3913 CHA SD1077705
242112733IRGC 112733 TOM BIAOOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3929 CHA SD1077710
243112736IRGC 112736 96-221Oryza sativa L. Cao Bang, Vietnam7 2009WS 461 CHA SD1077714
244112738IRGC 112738 VAN HAU XIEMOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3933 CHA SD1077716
245112741IRGC 112741 XEO MA LONGOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3936 CHA SD1077719
246112745IRGC 112745 DAYALAOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2007WS 3466 CHA SD1077723
247112747IRGC 112747 JAO HAWMOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2007WS 3491 CHA SD1077725
248112748IRGC 112748 MAHK POOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2007WS 3530 CHA SD1077726
249112750IRGC 112750 PAH BAWNGOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2007WS 3542 CHA SD1077728
250112752IRGC 112752 POO LAOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2007WS 3546 CHA SD1077730
251112754IRGC 112754 SAE SAOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2007WS 3555 CHA SD1077732
252112756IRGC 112756 SIA KHUOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2007WS 3565 CHA SD1077734
253112895IRGC 112895 MINALMAGOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2007WS 1830 CHA SD1077874
254112898IRGC 112898 98-PAL 46Oryza sativa L. Philippines7 2007WS 2000 CHA SD1077877
255112926IRGC 112926 SRAU POPHLEAYOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2691 CHA SD1077905
256112931IRGC 112931 BA GIANOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3581 CHA SD1077910
257112933IRGC 112933 BA K' LOTOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3583 CHA SD1077912
258112934IRGC 112934 BA KHENOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3584 CHA SD1077913
259112935IRGC 112935 BA KON XUTOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3585 CHA SD1077914
260112936IRGC 112936 BA NOI CATOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3586 CHA SD1077915
261112942IRGC 112942 BLAO XUANOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3611 CHA SD1077921
262112945IRGC 112945 CU NHO CU SAUOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3654 CHA SD1077924
263112946IRGC 112946 DIEO BEROryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3656 CHA SD1077925
264112948IRGC 112948 DIEU SA THAYOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3658 CHA SD1077927
265112949IRGC 112949 HA LAN GAO DOOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3663 CHA SD1077928
266112955IRGC 112955 KHAU HAYOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3688 CHA SD1077934
267112960IRGC 112960 KHAU MAC KHUAOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3715 CHA SD1077939
268112963IRGC 112963 KHAU NUA TAIOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3738 CHA SD1077942
269112964IRGC 112964 KHAU NUA TAUOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3739 CHA SD1077943
270112965IRGC 112965 KHAU NUA TAUOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3740 CHA SD1077944
271112966IRGC 112966 KHAU NUA TAUOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3741 CHA SD1077945
272112969IRGC 112969 KHAU RAYOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3756 CHA SD1077948
273112970IRGC 112970 KHAU SANG PUOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3758 CHA SD1077949
274112972IRGC 112972 KHAU VANOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3776 CHA SD1077951
275112973IRGC 112973 KHAU XAY PITOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3780 CHA SD1077952
276112974IRGC 112974 KO KAOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3784 CHA SD1077953
277112976IRGC 112976 LUA A DATOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3791 CHA SD1077955
278112982IRGC 112982 LUA MEOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3801 CHA SD1077961
279112986IRGC 112986 ME LOILOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3815 CHA SD1077965
280112987IRGC 112987 MI PO LE LAOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3818 CHA SD1077966
281112990IRGC 112990 MUA CHUAOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3823 CHA SD1077969
282112991IRGC 112991 NA PLE LAOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3824 CHA SD1077970
283112993IRGC 112993 NEP ANGOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3829 CHA SD1077973
284112999IRGC 112999 NEP HAT DAIOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3843 CHA SD1077979
285113005IRGC 113005 NEP LA HECOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3849 CHA SD1077985
286113008IRGC 113008 NEP PEOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3853 CHA SD1077988
287113012IRGC 113012 NEP SA TINHOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3858 CHA SD1077992
288113013IRGC 113013 NEP THAN CUPENTOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3860 CHA SD1077993
289113015IRGC 113015 NGO LU UOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3873 CHA SD1077995
290113017IRGC 113017 NU DANG BLAUOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3884 CHA SD1077997
291113018IRGC 113018 PA CU NUONGOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3885 CHA SD1077998
292113021IRGC 113021 PLE CHAOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3892 CHA SD1078001
293113028IRGC 113028 TE KYOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3919 CHA SD1078009
294113030IRGC 113030 TE RAYOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3922 CHA SD1078011
295113031IRGC 113031 TOA DA 2Oryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3928 CHA SD1078012
296113038IRGC 113038 BA BOKOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 534 CHA SD1078021
297113041IRGC 113041 BA DEUCHOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 536 CHA SD1078025
298113074IRGC 113074 BOKOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 585 CHA SD1078059
299113078IRGC 113078 Bao saoOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 549 CHA SD1078064
300113201IRGC 113201 Pleun (deng)Oryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1556 CHA SD1078190
301113308IRGC 113308 HinOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 784 CHA SD1078304
302113378IRGC 113378 KAMOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 940 CHA SD1078377
303113448IRGC 113448 PaOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1395 CHA SD1078451
304113490IRGC 113490 DENG PEEKOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 676 CHA SD1078495
305113514IRGC 113514 PADI RANTAIOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2007WS 3262 CHA SD1078520
306113515IRGC 113515 AZUCENAOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2007WS 530 CHA SD1078521
307113518IRGC 113518 BLE CHUAOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3627 CHA SD1078524
308113520IRGC 113520 KHAU COIOryza sativa L. Tuyen Quang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3680 CHA SD1078526
309113521IRGC 113521 KHAU MOCOryza sativa L. Tuyen Quang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3716 CHA SD1078527
310113524IRGC 113524 ME PHIOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3816 CHA SD1078531
311113525IRGC 113525 NGO TA LA GIUTOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3878 CHA SD1078532
312113526IRGC 113526 KHAH LEROryza sativa L. Thailand7 2007WS 3493 CHA SD1078533
313113527IRGC 113527 CALINGAYANOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2007WS 566 CHA SD1078534
314113544IRGC 113544 Pa sievOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1408 CHA SD1078552
315113550IRGC 113550 GADING GARUOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2007WS 2732 CHA SD1078558
316113580IRGC 113580 KhouayOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1056 CHA SD1078590
317113597IRGC 113597 KHAU LECOryza sativa L. Son La, Vietnam7 2007WS 3707 CHA SD1078608
318113598IRGC 113598 KHAU NUA (VO VANG)Oryza sativa L. Cao Bang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3726 CHA SD1078609
319113599IRGC 113599 KHAU NUA SAYOryza sativa L. Cao Bang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3737 CHA SD1078610
320113600IRGC 113600 KHAU SAI LAYOryza sativa L. Tuyen Quang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3757 CHA SD1078611
321113601IRGC 113601 E NUANOryza sativa L. Thailand7 2007WS 3472 CHA SD1078612
322113612IRGC 113612 PLAU CHU HANGOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3888 CHA SD1078623
323113641IRGC 113641 Siang KongOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1707 CHA SD1078654
324113674IRGC 113674 BANKORAM WHITEOryza sativa L. Ghana7 2007WS 168 CHA SD1078672
325113701IRGC 113701 LEMANAKOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2007WS 2777 CHA SD1078700
326113744IRGC 113744 Pa YuonOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2637 CHA SD1078743
327113832IRGC 113832 KHAO DINGANOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2298 CHA SD1078834
328113852IRGC 113852 KHAU DENG CHIITOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3683 CHA SD1078856
329113855IRGC 113855 KHAU NAMOryza sativa L. Cao Bang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3718 CHA SD1078859
330113856IRGC 113856 KHAU NUA NUONGOryza sativa L. Tuyen Quang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3735 CHA SD1078860
331113858IRGC 113858 KHAU PHROUNGOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3754 CHA SD1078862
332113859IRGC 113859 KHAU VANOryza sativa L. Son La, Vietnam7 2007WS 3777 CHA SD1078863
333113860IRGC 113860 ME PIOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3817 CHA SD1078864
334113862IRGC 113862 TA BONGOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3911 CHA SD1078866
335113939IRGC 113939 LAN CHANGOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1138 CHA SD1078944
336114103IRGC 114103 Ngeun lieng kangOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1351 CHA SD1079112
337114409IRGC 114409 BOTRAMAITSOOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2007WS 2977 CHA SD1079423
338114411IRGC 114411 BOTRAMAITSOOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2007WS 2979 CHA SD1079425
339114414IRGC 114414 LANGAKA FOTSYOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2007WS 2985 CHA SD1079428
340114415IRGC 114415 LANGAKA FOTSYOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2007WS 2986 CHA SD1079429
341114416IRGC 114416 LANGAKA MENAOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2007WS 2987 CHA SD1079430
342114437IRGC 114437 VARY SOMOTRAOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2007WS 3061 CHA SD1079453
343114438IRGC 114438 VARY VOAHANGYOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2007WS 3065 CHA SD1079454
344114441IRGC 114441 ATANEMYOOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2221 CHA SD1079457
345114457IRGC 114457 KHAO HLAWOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2306 CHA SD1079473
346114461IRGC 114461 KHAO NALAINOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2331 CHA SD1079477
347114468IRGC 114468 KHAO PHAR LINOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2353 CHA SD1079484
348114470IRGC 114470 KHAO PHAR YAROryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2356 CHA SD1079486
349114473IRGC 114473 KHAO POK KONOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2359 CHA SD1079489
350114489IRGC 114489 NGACHEMOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2425 CHA SD1079505
351114490IRGC 114490 NJAIMUM (UPLAND)Oryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2432 CHA SD1079506
352114497IRGC 114497 SABAWAROryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2461 CHA SD1079513
353114499IRGC 114499 SUN HTAROryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2479 CHA SD1079515
354114503IRGC 114503 SUN PA LWEOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2483 CHA SD1079519
355114507IRGC 114507 TAUNG KUOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2489 CHA SD1079523
356114508IRGC 114508 TAUNG O THAROryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2490 CHA SD1079524
357114528IRGC 114528 NOHAGOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2007WS 1838 CHA SD1079544
358114545IRGC 114545 PADI PUTIHOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2007WS 2798 CHA SD1079561
359114549IRGC 114549 PAREI SALAKOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2007WS 2806 CHA SD1079565
360114572IRGC 114572 TALUN CAMPUROryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2007WS 2855 CHA SD1079589
361114573IRGC 114573 TALUN DAERAHOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2007WS 2856 CHA SD1079590
362114577IRGC 114577 TALUN SERIBUOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2007WS 2860 CHA SD1079594
363114733IRGC 114733 PADI SABUNGOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2007WS 3269 CHA SD1079755
364114735IRGC 114735 PADI SIMPARATANOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2007WS 3284 CHA SD1079757
365114747IRGC 114747 PULUT PUTIHOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2007WS 3346 CHA SD1079769
366114759IRGC 114759 PULUT SIMMANGGANGOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2007WS 3358 CHA SD1079781
367114766IRGC 114766 PULUT SURIKOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2007WS 3367 CHA SD1079788
368114817IRGC 114817 KON DAMOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1081 CHA SD1079843
369114820IRGC 114820 KUANGOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1097 CHA SD1079847
370114823IRGC 114823 LAI DENGOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1118 CHA SD1079851
371114881IRGC 114881 SITETHA (GLUTINOUS)Oryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2478 CHA SD1079911
372114884IRGC 114884 WASABAOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2515 CHA SD1079914
373114904IRGC 114904 BHA MO BYAT PYUOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2227 CHA SD1079934
374114906IRGC 114906 BUEIUALOOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2242 CHA SD1079937
375114911IRGC 114911 KHAO KHAPONOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2308 CHA SD1079942
376114915IRGC 114915 KHAO PHALANOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2351 CHA SD1079946
377114918IRGC 114918 KHAO TANSABAOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2365 CHA SD1079949
378114924IRGC 114924 SANNIMAOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2465 CHA SD1079955
379114941IRGC 114941 VARY ANANAOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2007WS 3040 CHA SD1079972
380114955IRGC 114955 PADI KETAN HITAMOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2007WS 2795 CHA SD1079986
381114960IRGC 114960 BUBANAOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2240 CHA SD1079991
382114985IRGC 114985 MAUNGKYIOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2414 CHA SD1080018
383114987IRGC 114987 PEEIKAROOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2440 CHA SD1080020
384114989IRGC 114989 PEEIKYOKAROOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2442 CHA SD1080022
385115055IRGC 115055 PADI BUNDUKONOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2007WS 3165 CHA SD1080089
386115062IRGC 115062 PADI PULUTOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2007WS 3248 CHA SD1080096
387115064IRGC 115064 PADI TALANGKAIOryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2007WS 3291 CHA SD1080098
388115141IRGC 115141 TOS 5248Oryza sativa L. Côte D'Ivoire7 2007WS 2708 CHA SD1080172
389115172IRGC 115172 SRAU KASIOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2674 CHA SD1080203
390115186IRGC 115186 CHUMJAOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2161 CHA SD1080228
391115187IRGC 115187 SAM BARAOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2202 CHA SD1080229
392115188IRGC 115188 SEMJAOryza sativa L. Bhutan7 2007WS 2203 CHA SD1080230
393115191IRGC 115191 PA LAK ARCHOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2617 CHA SD1080233
394115234IRGC 115234 KALIOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 934 CHA SD1080277
395115257IRGC 115257 MAK EROryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1217 CHA SD1080302
396115288IRGC 115288 BLE MUA CHUAOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3638 CHA SD1080336
397115290IRGC 115290 KHAU DENG CHITOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3684 CHA SD1080338
398115291IRGC 115291 NGO KLANGOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3870 CHA SD1080339
399115292IRGC 115292 NGO LUUOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3874 CHA SD1080340
400115319IRGC 115319 BLE BLAU LAOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3623 CHA SD1080370
401115320IRGC 115320 COI TUNG RLINHOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3653 CHA SD1080371
402115325IRGC 115325 TELORTECHOryza sativa L. Vietnam7 2007WS 3924 CHA SD1080376
403115428IRGC 115428 BETANGALAOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2007WS 2963 CHA SD1080484
404115459IRGC 115459 CHANGGUZI (CUNGU)Oryza sativa L. China7 2007WS 53 CHA SD1080515
405115478IRGC 115478 PONOryza sativa L. Laos7 2009WS 1565 CHA SD1080536
406115479IRGC 115479 AHSAINTOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2219 CHA SD1080537
407115480IRGC 115480 BOSOOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2232 CHA SD1080538
408115481IRGC 115481 WETMAOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2517 CHA SD1080539
409115510IRGC 115510 PADI BADAK (B)Oryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2007WS 3134 CHA SD1080568
410115530IRGC 115530 PADI PASIROryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2007WS 3236 CHA SD1080588
411115539IRGC 115539 DINOLORESOryza sativa L. Philippines7 2007WS 636 CHA SD1080598
412115554IRGC 115554 PA KROEUNGOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2616 CHA SD1080614
413115555IRGC 115555 Pa AryOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2628 CHA SD1080615
414115577IRGC 115577 BEO IPOryza sativa L. Tuyen Quang, Vietnam7 2007WS 3601 CHA SD1080639
415115578IRGC 115578 BIE BLAUOryza sativa L. Son La, Vietnam7 2007WS 3607 CHA SD1080640
416115579IRGC 115579 KHAU CANOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 3677 CHA SD1080641
417115583IRGC 115583 BUKUADUOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2243 CHA SD1080646
418115631IRGC 115631 OHN KYAWOryza sativa L. Myanmar7 2007WS 2434 CHA SD1080706
419116343IRGC 116343 (BALA/AZUCENA)-243 MPOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 424 CHA SD1081421
420116395IRGC 116395 (BALA/AZUCENA)-45 MPOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 483 CHA SD1081473
421116527IRGC 116527 IR 84630-206 MPOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 1467 CHA SD1081606
422116673IRGC 116673 IR 84631-21 MPOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 1666 CHA SD1081752
423116801IRGC 116801 IR 84629-21 MPOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 1276 CHA SD1081881
424116814IRGC 116814 IR 84629-67 MPOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 1359 CHA SD1081894
425116853IRGC 116853 IR 84629-238 MPOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 1283 CHA SD1081933
426116883IRGC 116883 IR 84629-361 MPOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 1319 CHA SD1081963
427116888IRGC 116888 IR 84629-389 MPOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 1324 CHA SD1081968
428116944IRGC 116944 GOURKAJALOryza sativa L. Bangladesh7 2007WS 2089 CHA SD1082022
429117102IRGC 117102 IR 84631-185 MPOryza sativa L. 7 2007WS 664 CHA SD1082180
430117109IRGC 117109 SIEM BOKOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2007WS 2669 CHA SD1082187
431117127IRGC 117127 PHOUTHAIOryza sativa L. Laos7 2007WS 2941 CHA SD1082206
432117133IRGC 117133 CHAO DENGOryza sativa L. Laos7 2007WS 2900 CHA SD1082212
433117136IRGC 117136 KAMOryza sativa L. Laos7 2007WS 2914 CHA SD1082215
434117138IRGC 117138 LEUANGOryza sativa L. Laos7 2007WS 2916 CHA SD1082217
435117139IRGC 117139 NAMMANOryza sativa L. Laos7 2007WS 2923 CHA SD1082218
436117140IRGC 117140 LG-10237Oryza sativa L. Laos7 2007WS 2926 CHA SD1082219
437117143IRGC 117143 LG-11885Oryza sativa L. Laos7 2007WS 2929 CHA SD1082222
438117145IRGC 117145 PEEKOryza sativa L. Laos7 2007WS 2935 CHA SD1082224
439117180IRGC 117180 NORL PALOryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2008WS 683 CHA SD1082262
440117185IRGC 117185 PA HNGAROryza sativa L. Cambodia7 2008WS 684 CHA SD1082267
441117190IRGC 117190 EA LOUPOryza sativa L. Laos7 2008WS 1113 CHA SD1082273
442117213IRGC 117213 LG-8637Oryza sativa L. Laos7 2008WS 1142 CHA SD1082297
443117234IRGC 117234 DENG THAIOryza sativa L. Laos7 2008WS 1110 CHA SD1082318
444117417IRGC 117417 PA SIEVOryza sativa L. Laos7 2010WS 243 CHA SD1082801
445117484IRGC 117484 HAWM OM::IRGC 23729-1Oryza sativa L. 7 2011WS 917 CHA SD1082868
446117526IRGC 117526 MAINTIMOLOTSY::IRGC 11010-1Oryza sativa L. 7 2011WS 1241 CHA SD1082910
447117575IRGC 117575 SA TENG::IRGC 29676-1Oryza sativa L. 7 2012WS 1582 CHA SD1082959
448117599IRGC 117599 27Oryza sativa L. 7 2011WS 7 CHA SD1082983
449117627IRGC 117627 1021Oryza sativa L. 7 2012WS 1473 CHA SD1083011
450117776IRGC 117776 KANIRANGAOryza sativa L. 7 2011WS 1137 CHA SD1083160
451117982IRGC 117982 BEMAVO Oryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2012WS 1630 CHA SD1083402
452118059IRGC 118059 FOTSITERAKAOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2012WS 1707 CHA SD1083556
453118060IRGC 118060 FOTSITERAKAOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2012WS 1708 CHA SD1083558
454118357IRGC 118357 TSOKAOMBYOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2012WS 2017 CHA SD1084129
455118367IRGC 118367 VARIALAOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2012WS 2027 CHA SD1084147
456118423IRGC 118423 VARY MAINTSOOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2012WS 2089 CHA SD1084244
457121444IRGC 121444 NA GUI ZHAN GU::IRGC 61841-1Oryza sativa L. 7 2012WS 37 CHA SD1087687
458126494IRGC 126494 IR 47686-12-3-BOryza sativa L. 7 2013WS 1109 CHA SD1090936
459128564IRGC 128564 MENALAVAOryza sativa L. Madagascar7 2014WS 1010 CHA SD1091296
460128572IRGC 128572 4 BULAN (2)Oryza sativa L. Malaysia7 2014WS 1541 CHA SD1091304
461128741IRGC 128741 CHAOOryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1660 CHA SD1091587
462128744IRGC 128744 CHAO BALONG NOCKOryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1513 CHA SD1091590
463128763IRGC 128763 DAMOryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1325 CHA SD1091610
464128766IRGC 128766 DENG NOIOryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1292 CHA SD1091614
465128785IRGC 128785 EA TIAOryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1773 CHA SD1091633
466128786IRGC 128786 EA YOHOryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1091 CHA SD1091634
467128790IRGC 128790 HOK KHAWOryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1486 CHA SD1091638
468128823IRGC 128823 KHAO FAIOryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1333 CHA SD1091671
469128827IRGC 128827 KHAO NGO YIMOryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1744 CHA SD1091675
470128828IRGC 128828 KHAO YON NEUROryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1801 CHA SD1091676
471128843IRGC 128843 LEBMEU NANGOryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1804 CHA SD1091691
472128861IRGC 128861 MAK KHEUA KHAWOryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1663 CHA SD1091709
473128863IRGC 128863 MAK KHONOryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1079 CHA SD1091711
474128886IRGC 128886 PEEKOryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1028 CHA SD1091734
475128897IRGC 128897 PORN DENGOryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1552 CHA SD1091745
476128900IRGC 128900 RO GNO SUOryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1559 CHA SD1091748
477128912IRGC 128912 THONG KHAMOryza sativa L. Laos7 2014WS 1218 CHA SD1091760
478129080IRGC 129080 Ketan EmpingOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2014WS 1357 CHA SD1091948
479129204IRGC 129204 Padai Pulut Pute ItingOryza sativa L. Indonesia7 2014WS 1264 CHA SD1092115

International Rice Genebank Germplasm Distribution and Exchange Policy

IRRI continues the free international exchange of germplasm, in accordance with the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA). We provide rice in small quantities to any entity or establishment for research, breeding, or training for food and agriculture purposes; free of charge. At the same time, we gratefully receive seed contributions to add to our collection.

The procedure for acquiring seeds from IRRI are as follows:
1. Read, study and comply with Standard Material Transfer Agreement(SMTA).
2. Inquire, search and choose accessions through GRIN-Global or Genesys websites.
3. Submit requests electronically through the public websites (refer to #2)