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WILD_REL accessions
Code: Mixture

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0100964IRGC 100964 W 1176Oryza latifolia Desv. Izabal, Guatemala999 IRGC 100964 **100964
1101051IRGC 101051 315809Oryza barthii A. Chev. Historic999 IRGC 101051 **101051
2101199IRGC 101199 RC5386Oryza longistaminata A. Chev. & Roehr. 999 IRGC 101199 **101199
3101205IRGC 101205 RC4870Oryza longistaminata A. Chev. & Roehr. 999 IRGC 101205 **101205
4101382IRGC 101382 RC4864Oryza hybr.999 IRGC 101382 **101382
5101954IRGC 101954 315836Oryza hybr.999 IRGC 101954 **101954
6103826IRGC 103826 W1818Oryza spp. Bangladesh999 IRGC 103826 **103826
7103829IRGC 103829 113/79/PBW 5Oryza nivara S. D. Sharma & Shastry Bangladesh999 IRGC 103829 **103829
8103833IRGC 103833 JHORAOryza spp. Bangladesh999 IRGC 103833 **103833
9103901IRGC 103901 314672Oryza spp. TanzaniaHistoric999 IRGC 103901 **103901
10104114IRGC 104114 TB 61Oryza barthii A. Chev. Chad999 IRGC 104114 **104114
11104134IRGC 104134 314870Oryza barthii A. Chev. CameroonHistoric999 IRGC 104134 **104134
12104630IRGC 104630 ACC. 11Oryza spp. ChinaHistoric999 IRGC 104630 **104630
13105546IRGC 105546 W1100Oryza rufipogon Griff. Historic999 IRGC 105546 **105546
14105723IRGC 105723 SRANGEOryza nivara S. D. Sharma & Shastry Cambodia999 IRGC 105723 **105723
15105728IRGC 105728 SRANGEOryza nivara S. D. Sharma & Shastry Cambodia999 IRGC 105728 **105728

International Rice Genebank Germplasm Distribution and Exchange Policy

IRRI continues the free international exchange of germplasm, in accordance with the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA). We provide rice in small quantities to any entity or establishment for research, breeding, or training for food and agriculture purposes; free of charge. At the same time, we gratefully receive seed contributions to add to our collection.

The procedure for acquiring seeds from IRRI are as follows:
1. Read, study and comply with Standard Material Transfer Agreement(SMTA).
2. Inquire, search and choose accessions through GRIN-Global or Genesys websites.
3. Submit requests electronically through the public websites (refer to #2)