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RICE accessions
Values: 50.4056.00

Selected item(s) below:

0103636IRGC 103636 GARTIVO AOryza glaberrima Steud. 53IRGC 103636 **103636
1112801IRGC 112801 MASAN 1Oryza sativa L. Korea, South542007WS 260 CHA SD1077779
2112808IRGC 112808 PUNGKI 6Oryza sativa L. Korea, South512007WS 270 CHA SD1077786
3112810IRGC 112810 PYEONGCHANG 3Oryza sativa L. Korea, South532007WS 272 CHA SD1077788
4112811IRGC 112811 PYEONGTAEK 7Oryza sativa L. Korea, South562007WS 274 CHA SD1077789
5112812IRGC 112812 SANCHEONG 2Oryza sativa L. Korea, South522007WS 275 CHA SD1077790
6112823IRGC 112823 ULJU 3Oryza sativa L. Korea, South512007WS 289 CHA SD1077801
7112827IRGC 112827 YANGSAN 1Oryza sativa L. Korea, South562007WS 294 CHA SD1077805
8112831IRGC 112831 YEONGCHEON 1Oryza sativa L. Korea, South532007WS 300 CHA SD1077809
9112834IRGC 112834 YEONGDONG 2Oryza sativa L. Korea, South522007WS 304 CHA SD1077812
10113866IRGC 113866 HWENGSEONG 3Oryza sativa L. Korea, South522007WS 225 CHA SD1078870
11115302IRGC 115302 JEONGUP 3Oryza sativa L. Korea, South562007WS 231 CHA SD1080351
12115307IRGC 115307 KYEONGSAN 1Oryza sativa L. Korea, South512007WS 253 CHA SD1080357
13115309IRGC 115309 SANGJU 3Oryza sativa L. Korea, South542007WS 278 CHA SD1080359
14115311IRGC 115311 YANGSAN 6Oryza sativa L. Korea, South512007WS 295 CHA SD1080361
15115313IRGC 115313 YEONGJU 1Oryza sativa L. Korea, South522007WS 308 CHA SD1080363

International Rice Genebank Germplasm Distribution and Exchange Policy

IRRI continues the free international exchange of germplasm, in accordance with the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA). We provide rice in small quantities to any entity or establishment for research, breeding, or training for food and agriculture purposes; free of charge. At the same time, we gratefully receive seed contributions to add to our collection.

The procedure for acquiring seeds from IRRI are as follows:
1. Read, study and comply with Standard Material Transfer Agreement(SMTA).
2. Inquire, search and choose accessions through GRIN-Global or Genesys websites.
3. Submit requests electronically through the public websites (refer to #2)