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WILD_REL accessions
Code: Glabrous

Selected item(s) below:

0100199IRGC 100199 W0631Oryza hybr.Historic1 IRGC 100199 **100199
1100821IRGC 100821 W 1Oryza ridleyi Hook. f. 1 IRGC 100821 **100821
2100877IRGC 100877 W 1Oryza ridleyi Hook. f. 1 IRGC 100877 **100877
3101080IRGC 101080 W 1318Oryza minuta J. Presl Sorsogon, Philippines1 IRGC 101080 **101080
4101142IRGC 101142 W 1343Oryza officinalis Wall. ex G. Watt Bohol, Philippines1 IRGC 101142 **101142
5101149IRGC 101149 PADI BABIOryza officinalis Wall. ex G. Watt Sabah, Malaysia1 IRGC 101149 **101149
6101152IRGC 101152 4811Oryza officinalis Wall. ex G. Watt Brunei Darussalam1 IRGC 101152 **101152
7101384IRGC 101384 RC5426Leersia tisserantii (A. Chev.) Launert Guinea1 IRGC 101384 **101384
8101437IRGC 101437 W1529Leersia perrieri (A. Camus) Launert Mahajanga, MadagascarHistoric1 IRGC 101437 **101437
9101453IRGC 101453 315830Oryza ridleyi Hook. f. 1 IRGC 101453 **101453
10103425IRGC 103425 W 1815Oryza officinalis Wall. ex G. Watt Indonesia1 IRGC 103425 **103425
11103808IRGC 103808 315890Oryza latifolia Desv. 1 IRGC 103808 **103808
12103823IRGC 103823 W1722Oryza spp. China1 IRGC 103823 **103823
13103865IRGC 103865 315894Oryza minuta J. Presl Philippines1 IRGC 103865 **103865
14103873IRGC 103873 1241128Oryza longistaminata A. Chev. & Roehr. Historic1 IRGC 103873 **103873

International Rice Genebank Germplasm Distribution and Exchange Policy

IRRI continues the free international exchange of germplasm, in accordance with the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA). We provide rice in small quantities to any entity or establishment for research, breeding, or training for food and agriculture purposes; free of charge. At the same time, we gratefully receive seed contributions to add to our collection.

The procedure for acquiring seeds from IRRI are as follows:
1. Read, study and comply with Standard Material Transfer Agreement(SMTA).
2. Inquire, search and choose accessions through GRIN-Global or Genesys websites.
3. Submit requests electronically through the public websites (refer to #2)