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RICE accessions
Code: Mixture

Selected item(s) below:

032487IRGC 32487 KPAKAOryza sativa L. Liberia999 1994WS 80 CHA SD1033175
132504IRGC 32504 SAYLLEBONOryza sativa L. Liberia999 1996WS 1683 CHA SD1033180
244442IRGC 44442 GUNDANGOryza sativa L. Philippines999 1992WS 686 CHA SD1034881
345180IRGC 45180 BHUTSAILOryza sativa L. India999 1996WS 1743 CHA SD1035019
449152IRGC 49152 BINNEEOryza sativa L. Bangladesh999 1992WS 370 CHA SD1035910
562003IRGC 62003 MATIYAOryza sativa L. Nepal999 1998WS 430 CHA SD1039818
662557IRGC 62557 NCS 883Oryza sativa L. India999 1998WS 433 CHA SD1040000
765992IRGC 65992 LAI MAHKOryza sativa L. Thailand999 1999WS 2464 CHA SD1041515
870968IRGC 70968 KORRKORY MALAYOryza sativa L. 999 1998WS 450 CHA SD1043206
972167IRGC 72167 JIN XING BAIOryza sativa L. China999 1990WS 252 CHA SD1044526
1072198IRGC 72198 LIU LI YOUOryza sativa L. China999 1990WS 282 CHA SD1044558
1172373IRGC 72373 XI YE MA BA ZHANOryza sativa L. China999 1990WS 438 CHA SD1044729
1273615IRGC 73615 TA PO NGOK JIANOryza sativa L. Thailand999 1994WS 1711 CHA SD1045359
1378711IRGC 78711 MERANJATOryza sativa L. Brunei Darussalam999 1995WS 511 CHA SD1049571
1480960IRGC 80960 JIANG XI WANOryza sativa L. China999 1995WS 2246 CHA SD1051627
1581141IRGC 81141 PHCAR DAUNGOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 1995WS 2432 CHA SD1051811
1681319IRGC 81319 NEANG DAYOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 1996WS 1184 CHA SD1051994
1782580IRGC 82580 KHAO MOE YAAOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 1997WS 786 CHA SD1053346
1882732IRGC 82732 Mak khoOryza sativa L. Laos999 1997WS 944 CHA SD1053524
1982740IRGC 82740 CHAO HAIOryza sativa L. Laos999 1997WS 952 CHA SD1053533
2082866IRGC 82866 PADI MENGKIDINGOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 1999WS 2569 CHA SD1053664
2182972IRGC 82972 NEP BOONG PE HOA BINHOryza sativa L. 999 1998WS 668 CHA SD1053775
2283067IRGC 83067 TINTAOryza sativa L. Philippines999 1998WS 747 CHA SD1053879
2383473IRGC 83473 JAULIOryza sativa L. 999 1998WS 1171 CHA SD1054306
2483502IRGC 83502 KALO METHA DHANOryza sativa L. 999 1998WS 1200 CHA SD1054337
2583593IRGC 83593 NAJHIROryza sativa L. 999 1998WS 1291 CHA SD1054432
2683735IRGC 83735 THAPACHINI DHANOryza sativa L. 999 1998WS 1439 CHA SD1054585
2784022IRGC 84022 JIANG XI ZEOryza sativa L. China999 1998WS 1691 CHA SD1054865
2884102IRGC 84102 UICOLENE ABA (NANIALO)Oryza sativa L. 999 1998WS 1771 CHA SD1054955
2984228IRGC 84228 HAWM NAHNGMONOryza sativa L. Thailand999 1999WS 2620 CHA SD1055086
3084389IRGC 84389 DAMNOEUB KHMAOOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 1999WS 51 CHA SD1055257
3184461IRGC 84461 KUL PHA AV PRAYOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 1999WS 123 CHA SD1055330
3284473IRGC 84473 MOANG CHOMOLOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 1999WS 135 CHA SD1055342
3384515IRGC 84515 PHCAR PREKOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 1999WS 183 CHA SD1055384
3484544IRGC 84544 Srau Porl ThaerOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 1999WS 212 CHA SD1055413
3584737IRGC 84737 MADIOTSIMIOZAOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 1999WS 411 CHA SD1055609
3684740IRGC 84740 MAMORIAKA (RED + WHITE)Oryza sativa L. Madagascar999 1999WS 414 CHA SD1055612
3784747IRGC 84747 MIANDRY BARARATAOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 1999WS 421 CHA SD1055619
3884753IRGC 84753 OVIBEOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 1999WS 427 CHA SD1055626
3984754IRGC 84754 OVIBE OR VARY BEOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 1999WS 428 CHA SD1055627
4084778IRGC 84778 VARY BEOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 1999WS 452 CHA SD1055652
4184798IRGC 84798 VN 95-051 BOryza sativa L. Vietnam999 1999WS 478 CHA SD1055673
4284986IRGC 84986 CHAO KHAWOryza sativa L. Laos999 1999WS 664 CHA SD1055867
4385374IRGC 85374 EA KHAWOryza sativa L. Laos999 1999WS 1064 CHA SD1056259
4485747IRGC 85747 LOUK PAOryza sativa L. Laos999 1999WS 1453 CHA SD1056636
4585865IRGC 85865 NamanOryza sativa L. Laos999 1999WS 1577 CHA SD1056755
4686277IRGC 86277 PONG SENGOryza sativa L. Laos999 1999WS 2001 CHA SD1057172
4786439IRGC 86439 MANARIVOOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 1999WS 2169 CHA SD1057335
4886626IRGC 86626 T2026/1996Oryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2001WS 1569 CHA SD1057343
4986858IRGC 86858 DUMJAOryza sativa L. Bhutan999 2000WS 1525 CHA SD1057472
5086894IRGC 86894 RAY NAAOryza sativa L. Bhutan999 2000WS 1567 CHA SD1057508
5187005IRGC 87005 NORUIOryza sativa L. Bangladesh999 2000WS 114 CHA SD1057624
5287175IRGC 87175 DEO IRRIOryza sativa L. Bangladesh999 2000WS 241 CHA SD1057806
5387240IRGC 87240 ATT CHHMOUSSOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 306 CHA SD1057872
5487247IRGC 87247 Barng'-kuoyOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 319 CHA SD1057879
5587282IRGC 87282 Cheay Karn'-saerngOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 354 CHA SD1057914
5687353IRGC 87353 DAMNOEUB DAMREI CHHOROryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 425 CHA SD1057990
5787359IRGC 87359 DAMNOEUB KAMPHOUKOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 431 CHA SD1057996
5887381IRGC 87381 DAMM NOEB KRAR CHARK SAESOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 453 CHA SD1058019
5987442IRGC 87442 Darng DavOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 520 CHA SD1058081
6087448IRGC 87448 KANG CHREYOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 526 CHA SD1058087
6187485IRGC 87485 KONG KSEOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 563 CHA SD1058125
6287486IRGC 87486 KUNG ROR ELOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 564 CHA SD1058126
6387495IRGC 87495 KRACHAK CHABOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 573 CHA SD1058135
6487556IRGC 87556 NEANG HOKOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 640 CHA SD1058197
6587572IRGC 87572 NEANG KHIEVOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 656 CHA SD1058213
6687653IRGC 87653 PA AYANG LENGOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 737 CHA SD1058295
6787843IRGC 87843 PRAM PII KUOROryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 925 CHA SD1058496
6887949IRGC 87949 Srau NgoungOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 1037 CHA SD1058605
6987958IRGC 87958 Srau PruotOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2000WS 1046 CHA SD1058614
7088154IRGC 88154 KHAO MON LAMOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1253 CHA SD1058842
7188179IRGC 88179 KHAO SA LWEOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1278 CHA SD1058867
7288213IRGC 88213 LIN BANN CHAWOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1312 CHA SD1058902
7388229IRGC 88229 MU KOHOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1328 CHA SD1058918
7488251IRGC 88251 SAR KA LAYOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1350 CHA SD1058940
7588262IRGC 88262 TAUNG O NU PA LUTOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1361 CHA SD1058952
7688263IRGC 88263 TAUNG OTHAR (LONG)Oryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1362 CHA SD1058953
7788293IRGC 88293 CAMOROSOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2001WS 23 CHA SD1058984
7888301IRGC 88301 LAGINIOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2001WS 1585 CHA SD1058993
7988336IRGC 88336 KHAO MINE LAROryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1427 CHA SD1059032
8088337IRGC 88337 KHAO NAN KHANOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2000WS 1428 CHA SD1059033
8188387IRGC 88387 MORAKOryza sativa L. Malaysia999 2000WS 1643 CHA SD1059086
8288468IRGC 88468 PINURSIGEOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2001WS 103 CHA SD1059181
8388477IRGC 88477 ANJANAOryza sativa L. 999 2001WS 112 CHA SD1059191
8488491IRGC 88491 CHOBHA GHAIYAOryza sativa L. 999 2001WS 126 CHA SD1059205
8588497IRGC 88497 DALSHINGE DHANOryza sativa L. 999 2001WS 132 CHA SD1059211
8688648IRGC 88648 SETE DHANOryza sativa L. 999 2001WS 289 CHA SD1059368
8788751IRGC 88751 TSIPALA VONGYOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 2001WS 398 CHA SD1059471
8888763IRGC 88763 JETHO BUDHOOryza sativa L. 999 2001WS 410 CHA SD1059484
8989299IRGC 89299 AchaOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 479 CHA SD1059554
9089322IRGC 89322 KHEO KHUAYOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 502 CHA SD1059577
9189338IRGC 89338 NA SOOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 518 CHA SD1059593
9289345IRGC 89345 Ba raeOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 525 CHA SD1059601
9389381IRGC 89381 CHA LAEOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 561 CHA SD1059637
9489408IRGC 89408 CHAOOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 588 CHA SD1059664
9589463IRGC 89463 Chao khawOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 649 CHA SD1059721
9689474IRGC 89474 Chao lao soungOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 660 CHA SD1059732
9789491IRGC 89491 Chao Nga SangOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 677 CHA SD1059749
9889499IRGC 89499 Chao vietOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 685 CHA SD1059757
9989501IRGC 89501 CHAO CHOUAOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 687 CHA SD1059759
10089510IRGC 89510 CHAO NAOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 696 CHA SD1059768
10189516IRGC 89516 CHE KALEDOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 702 CHA SD1059774
10289541IRGC 89541 Dam nockOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 727 CHA SD1059799
10389636IRGC 89636 DO LAIOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 828 CHA SD1059895
10490123IRGC 90123 Med noiOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1333 CHA SD1060389
10590154IRGC 90154 NAM KHAOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1364 CHA SD1060423
10690188IRGC 90188 NGOUA KHONOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1398 CHA SD1060457
10790227IRGC 90227 LG 4533Oryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1443 CHA SD1060497
10890255IRGC 90255 LG 5624Oryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1471 CHA SD1060525
10990407IRGC 90407 PHAE GNAOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1695 CHA SD1060680
11090423IRGC 90423 PHOUAOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1711 CHA SD1060697
11190506IRGC 90506 TA RANGOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1800 CHA SD1060781
11290551IRGC 90551 YOHOKOOryza sativa L. Laos999 2001WS 1845 CHA SD1060827
11390558IRGC 90558 BEO TRIOryza sativa L. Cao Bang, Vietnam999 2001WS 1852 CHA SD1060835
11490616IRGC 90616 HONG CUOryza sativa L. 999 2001WS 1916 CHA SD1060899
11590676IRGC 90676 KHAU TAOryza sativa L. Cao Bang, Vietnam999 2001WS 1976 CHA SD1060963
11690818IRGC 90818 MILYANG 1Oryza sativa L. Korea, South999 2002WS 239 CHA SD1061115
11790878IRGC 90878 A LAVOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 340 CHA SD1061178
11890885IRGC 90885 AchaOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 347 CHA SD1061185
11990927IRGC 90927 CHAOOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 389 CHA SD1061227
12091010IRGC 91010 CHAO NAOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 478 CHA SD1061310
12191294IRGC 91294 HOM KANGOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 768 CHA SD1061596
12291584IRGC 91584 LI NOKOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1070 CHA SD1061887
12391695IRGC 91695 Med nyay nyaoOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1187 CHA SD1061999
12491704IRGC 91704 Med noiOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1196 CHA SD1062008
12591751IRGC 91751 NADOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1243 CHA SD1062055
12691795IRGC 91795 NGEUAKOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1293 CHA SD1062099
12791837IRGC 91837 KHAVOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1335 CHA SD1062144
12891838IRGC 91838 DENG GNAYOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1336 CHA SD1062145
12991870IRGC 91870 ChaoOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1368 CHA SD1062177
13091974IRGC 91974 PA SIEVOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1478 CHA SD1062283
13192059IRGC 92059 PHAEOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1569 CHA SD1062369
13292073IRGC 92073 Phae med nyaoOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1583 CHA SD1062383
13392169IRGC 92169 SANPATONGOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1679 CHA SD1062482
13492187IRGC 92187 SANGOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1697 CHA SD1062500
13592271IRGC 92271 THATENGOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 1787 CHA SD1062585
13692560IRGC 92560 LUBANG (PUTI)Oryza sativa L. Philippines999 2002WS 1911 CHA SD1062907
13792574IRGC 92574 SAMUNYONGOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2002WS 1931 CHA SD1062922
13893364IRGC 93364 BAIBENDAOOryza sativa L. China999 2002WS 63 CHA SD1062986
13993372IRGC 93372 BAIXIANZIOryza sativa L. China999 2002WS 71 CHA SD1062994
14093388IRGC 93388 CHANGSHITOUOryza sativa L. China999 2002WS 87 CHA SD1063012
14193412IRGC 93412 GUANYINCAOOryza sativa L. China999 2002WS 111 CHA SD1063036
14293435IRGC 93435 JIANGMIDAOOryza sativa L. China999 2002WS 134 CHA SD1063061
14393502IRGC 93502 ZAOHUANGNIANOryza sativa L. China999 2002WS 207 CHA SD1063133
14493505IRGC 93505 ZHENZHUSHENGOryza sativa L. China999 2002WS 210 CHA SD1063136
14593520IRGC 93520 CUT KRESEKOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1471 CHA SD1063151
14693529IRGC 93529 JALAOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1480 CHA SD1063160
14793538IRGC 93538 KETAN ADANGOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1489 CHA SD1063169
14893589IRGC 93589 PADI SAREEOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1540 CHA SD1063224
14993626IRGC 93626 RASI KUNINGOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1577 CHA SD1063263
15093662IRGC 93662 SI RONANGOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1619 CHA SD1063299
15193667IRGC 93667 SRI GUDANGOryza sativa L. Indonesia999 2002WS 1624 CHA SD1063304
15293901IRGC 93901 KomaeOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 2094 CHA SD1063540
15393980IRGC 93980 BILBADAIOryza sativa L. Bangladesh999 2002WS 332 CHA SD1063624
15494167IRGC 94167 DAMNOUEB NEANG KONGOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2002WS 549 CHA SD1063815
15594381IRGC 94381 SRAU KENGOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2002WS 769 CHA SD1064044
15694389IRGC 94389 SRAU KEOOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2002WS 777 CHA SD1064053
15794395IRGC 94395 SRAU KNHENGOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2002WS 789 CHA SD1064060
15894413IRGC 94413 SRAU NEANG KORNGOryza sativa L. Cambodia999 2002WS 807 CHA SD1064081
15994771IRGC 94771 CHAO HOMOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 2414 CHA SD1064453
16094809IRGC 94809 Chao khawOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 2452 CHA SD1064492
16194872IRGC 94872 CHAO POUNOryza sativa L. Laos999 2003WS 2521 CHA SD1064556
16295326IRGC 95326 Hao kasenOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 1403 CHA SD1065018
16395330IRGC 95330 HaoOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 1378 CHA SD1065022
16495449IRGC 95449 KANG KONOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 1798 CHA SD1065142
16595664IRGC 95664 LAVASOMOTRAOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 2002WS 1715 CHA SD1065368
16695701IRGC 95701 RASOMOTRAOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 2002WS 1752 CHA SD1065407
16795711IRGC 95711 TRETRAMPOTSYOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 2002WS 1762 CHA SD1065419
16895714IRGC 95714 TSIMAHORY MENAOryza sativa L. Madagascar999 2002WS 1765 CHA SD1065423
16995761IRGC 95761 BOTIKE (SMALL)Oryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 991 CHA SD1065474
17095762IRGC 95762 BOTYORK KAYOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 992 CHA SD1065475
17195836IRGC 95836 KHAO CHAIOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1066 CHA SD1065549
17295838IRGC 95838 KHAO HAUKOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1068 CHA SD1065551
17395855IRGC 95855 KHAO KYANEOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1085 CHA SD1065569
17495856IRGC 95856 KHAO KYANEOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1086 CHA SD1065570
17595866IRGC 95866 KHAO MAPHOKOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1102 CHA SD1065580
17695868IRGC 95868 KHAO ME MINEOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1104 CHA SD1065582
17795885IRGC 95885 KHAO SAINGOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1121 CHA SD1065606
17895886IRGC 95886 KHAO SAN LAINOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1122 CHA SD1065607
17995892IRGC 95892 KHAO THU KHAOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1128 CHA SD1065613
18095909IRGC 95909 KHAUK LON SAMOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1145 CHA SD1065633
18195910IRGC 95910 KHAUK MAR PHUTOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1146 CHA SD1065634
18295991IRGC 95991 NIHTUNOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1227 CHA SD1065718
18396011IRGC 96011 PAWSAN HMWE KAWYINOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1247 CHA SD1065741
18496023IRGC 96023 SABA WAROryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1265 CHA SD1065753
18596039IRGC 96039 SAR PATHI LATTOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1281 CHA SD1065770
18696053IRGC 96053 SHWEWARHNANOryza sativa L. Myanmar999 2002WS 1295 CHA SD1065784
18796133IRGC 96133 MANUMBALAYOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2002WS 1994 CHA SD1065876
18896145IRGC 96145 RINANGA RANGAOryza sativa L. Philippines999 2002WS 2006 CHA SD1065888
18998310IRGC 98310 HomOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 3119 CHA SD1068207
19098486IRGC 98486 NGAM KON DAMOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 3549 CHA SD1068384
19199970IRGC 99970 BER YAOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 56 CHA SD1069815
192103818IRGC 103818 W1719Oryza hybr. China999 IRGC 103818 **103818
193103824IRGC 103824 W1723Oryza nivara S. D. Sharma & Shastry China999 IRGC 103824 **103824
194104339IRGC 104339 GBAI GBAIOryza glaberrima Steud. Guinea999 IRGC 104339 **104339
195104464IRGC 104464 G S 6099Oryza spp. Thailand999 IRGC 104464 **104464
196104951IRGC 104951 TOG7693Oryza glaberrima Steud. NigeriaHistoric999 IRGC 104951 **104951
197105170IRGC 105170 W1706Oryza brachyantha A. Chev. & Roehr. ChadHistoric999 IRGC 105170 **105170
198106558IRGC 106558 CHAOOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 138 CHA SD1071154
199106593IRGC 106593 CHAOOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 179 CHA SD1071191
200106616IRGC 106616 CHAOOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 202 CHA SD1071214
201106658IRGC 106658 CHAO DOOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 270 CHA SD1071257
202106673IRGC 106673 Chao NyapOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 290 CHA SD1071272
203106703IRGC 106703 Chao khawOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 337 CHA SD1071302
204106704IRGC 106704 Chao khawOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 338 CHA SD1071303
205106779IRGC 106779 CHAO POUNOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 450 CHA SD1071379
206106886IRGC 106886 DENGOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 601 CHA SD1071487
207107131IRGC 107131 HOKOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 1459 CHA SD1071735
208107265IRGC 107265 KAM LAIOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 1763 CHA SD1071871
209107599IRGC 107599 LOUK NOKOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 2642 CHA SD1072205
210107704IRGC 107704 MAK KHEUAOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 3001 CHA SD1072311
211108422IRGC 108422 SIEVOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 5220 CHA SD1073042
212108569IRGC 108569 YOUAKOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 5690 CHA SD1073189
213108947IRGC 108947 Nok khow nyayOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 4165 CHA SD1073575
214109815IRGC 109815 HaoOryza sativa L. Laos999 2004WS 1394 CHA SD1074546

International Rice Genebank Germplasm Distribution and Exchange Policy

IRRI continues the free international exchange of germplasm, in accordance with the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA). We provide rice in small quantities to any entity or establishment for research, breeding, or training for food and agriculture purposes; free of charge. At the same time, we gratefully receive seed contributions to add to our collection.

The procedure for acquiring seeds from IRRI are as follows:
1. Read, study and comply with Standard Material Transfer Agreement(SMTA).
2. Inquire, search and choose accessions through GRIN-Global or Genesys websites.
3. Submit requests electronically through the public websites (refer to #2)