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RICE accessions
Values: 0.004.24

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084370IRGC 84370 CHMAR SAR THNGONOryza sativa L. Cambodia02014WS 842 CHA SD1055236
1101437IRGC 101437 W1529Leersia perrieri (A. Camus) Launert Mahajanga, MadagascarHistoric3IRGC 101437 **101437
2105274IRGC 105274 OA 26Oryza australiensis Domin Australia3IRGC 105274 **105274
3105695IRGC 105695 316164Oryza nivara S. D. Sharma & Shastry Nepal0IRGC 105695 **105695
4117436IRGC 117436 BASMATI 217::IRGC 53637-1Oryza sativa L. 02012WS 1482 CHA SD1082820
5117454IRGC 117454 CO 39::IRGC 51231-1Oryza sativa L. 02011WS 340 CHA SD1082838
6117508IRGC 117508 KANIRANGA::IRGC 9145-1Oryza sativa L. 02012WS 1545 CHA SD1082892
7117677IRGC 117677 CAUCASICAOryza sativa L. 02011WS 265 CHA SD1083061
8117808IRGC 117808 LUSITANOOryza sativa L. 02012WS 2213 CHA SD1083192
9118073IRGC 118073 INDONEZIANAOryza sativa L. Madagascar02012WS 1727 CHA SD1083584
10118518IRGC 118518 DPRK 036M 10308Oryza sativa L. Korea, North02012WS 78 CHA SD1084416
11118528IRGC 118528 DPRK 036M 10400Oryza sativa L. Korea, North02012WS 88 CHA SD1084436
12118654IRGC 118654 DPRK 036M 1471Oryza sativa L. Korea, North02012WS 220 CHA SD1084687
13118657IRGC 118657 DPRK 036M 16Oryza sativa L. Korea, North02012WS 223 CHA SD1084693
14119092IRGC 119092 DPRK 036S 11544Oryza sativa L. Korea, North02012WS 676 CHA SD1085291
15119126IRGC 119126 DPRK 036S 11592Oryza sativa L. Korea, North02012WS 710 CHA SD1085326
16119574IRGC 119574 DPRK 036S 503Oryza sativa L. Korea, North02012WS 1176 CHA SD1085779
17119650IRGC 119650 DPRK 036S 775Oryza sativa L. Korea, North02012WS 1258 CHA SD1085855
18119921IRGC 119921 CT 6129-12-7-2POryza sativa L. 02012WS 1335 CHA SD1086140
19120546IRGC 120546 P RESISTENTE SEQUIAOryza sativa L. 02012WS 1365 CHA SD1086780
20121182IRGC 121182 1-52-6::IRGC 39111-1Oryza sativa L. 02012WS 1446 CHA SD1087430
21121213IRGC 121213 MO WAE DO::IRGC 2356-1Oryza sativa L. 02012WS 1301 CHA SD1087461
22121417IRGC 121417 M 9::IRGC 34282-1Oryza sativa L. 02012WS 2275 CHA SD1087660
23123166IRGC 123166 PNARC 7463Oryza sativa L. Pakistan02013WS 829 CHA SD1088536
24123182IRGC 123182 PNARC 7487Oryza sativa L. Pakistan02013WS 843 CHA SD1088553
25126585IRGC 126585 A PYO CHAWOryza sativa L. 02013WS 10 CHA SD1091027
26126694IRGC 126694 KYAR KYAE HNATOryza sativa L. 02013WS 176 CHA SD1091136
27128573IRGC 128573 ADANOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 75 CHA SD1091305
28128576IRGC 128576 ANAK IKAN KELUBIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 104 CHA SD1091311
29128577IRGC 128577 ANAK IKAN RENDAH 152Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1693 CHA SD1091313
30128580IRGC 128580 BANGKOKOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 984 CHA SD1091317
31128581IRGC 128581 BANJAR KULONOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 105 CHA SD1091320
32128583IRGC 128583 BEGOHOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1577 CHA SD1091324
33128588IRGC 128588 BIGOHOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1837 CHA SD1091331
34128591IRGC 128591 BUDUOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1731 CHA SD1091336
35128592IRGC 128592 BUIHOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 711 CHA SD1091339
36128595IRGC 128595 BURUHOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 924 CHA SD1091344
37128605IRGC 128605 DEWATOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 346 CHA SD1091355
38128612IRGC 128612 HITAMOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 141 CHA SD1091365
39128618IRGC 128618 HUMA LENGGONG 2Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 345 CHA SD1091372
40128621IRGC 128621 INTAN BERLIANOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 844 CHA SD1091376
41128623IRGC 128623 JAMBIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1794 CHA SD1091380
42128624IRGC 128624 JAMBU PUTEHOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 287 CHA SD1091383
43128625IRGC 128625 JANDA BERHIAS 137Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 463 CHA SD1091386
44128627IRGC 128627 JAROM EMAS 135Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 271 CHA SD1091389
45128630IRGC 128630 JARUM MASOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1913 CHA SD1091394
46128631IRGC 128631 JINTAN BESUTOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 130 CHA SD1091396
47128632IRGC 128632 JINTAN KORENG 1215Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 460 CHA SD1091399
48128634IRGC 128634 JINTAN MANIS 158Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1182 CHA SD1091404
49128635IRGC 128635 JINTAN MANIS 194Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1788 CHA SD1091407
50128636IRGC 128636 JINTAN MANIS 315Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 918 CHA SD1091410
51128638IRGC 128638 JINTAN MANIS 527Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 778 CHA SD1091415
52128639IRGC 128639 JINTAN PETANIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1538 CHA SD1091418
53128641IRGC 128641 JINTAN POK MATOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 359 CHA SD1091421
54128648IRGC 128648 KARESIKOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1492 CHA SD1091429
55128654IRGC 128654 KERSEKOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 395 CHA SD1091438
56128655IRGC 128655 KETITIROryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1234 CHA SD1091441
57128658IRGC 128658 KUATIK PUTIHOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1061 CHA SD1091446
58128668IRGC 128668 LANGSAT 25Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1057 CHA SD1091459
59128669IRGC 128669 LANJUTOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 479 CHA SD1091461
60128670IRGC 128670 LANJUTOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 217 CHA SD1091463
61128671IRGC 128671 LASAK 51Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 339 CHA SD1091465
62128672IRGC 128672 LEMBU BASAH 194Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1602 CHA SD1091468
63128673IRGC 128673 LEMBU JABIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 741 CHA SD1091471
64128675IRGC 128675 LEMBU JABIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1543 CHA SD1091476
65128676IRGC 128676 LEMBU JABIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1338 CHA SD1091478
66128696IRGC 128696 MASRIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1193 CHA SD1091501
67128698IRGC 128698 MAS USEOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 139 CHA SD1091504
68128699IRGC 128699 MAT SAKOOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1041 CHA SD1091507
69128700IRGC 128700 MAYAM KELUBIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1332 CHA SD1091509
70128701IRGC 128701 MAYANGOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1836 CHA SD1091512
71128706IRGC 128706 MAYANG KELUBI 123Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 581 CHA SD1091521
72128710IRGC 128710 MAYANG PASIROryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 413 CHA SD1091528
73128713IRGC 128713 MELAKAOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 385 CHA SD1091534
74128714IRGC 128714 MELITOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 218 CHA SD1091537
75128716IRGC 128716 MELOROryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1818 CHA SD1091542
76128717IRGC 128717 MELOR KEDAHOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 866 CHA SD1091545
77128719IRGC 128719 MINYAKOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1677 CHA SD1091549
78128722IRGC 128722 MUAR KUNINGOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1082 CHA SD1091554
79128723IRGC 128723 MUAR PAK DOCK 891Oryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 67 CHA SD1091557
80128724IRGC 128724 MUAR PAK DOKOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 1570 CHA SD1091560
81128725IRGC 128725 MUAR PANDANOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 270 CHA SD1091563
82128730IRGC 128730 NAGAOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 181 CHA SD1091571
83128731IRGC 128731 NANGKAOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 932 CHA SD1091573
84128735IRGC 128735 NELIOryza sativa L. Malaysia02014WS 193 CHA SD1091580
85128746IRGC 128746 CHAO DENGOryza sativa L. Laos02014WS 22 CHA SD1091592
86128765IRGC 128765 DAM DANGOryza sativa L. Laos02014WS 1581 CHA SD1091612
87128918IRGC 128918 XIEOryza sativa L. Laos02014WS 901 CHA SD1091766
88128929IRGC 128929 Agai PutihOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1126 CHA SD1091778
89128936IRGC 128936 Arai PinangOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 675 CHA SD1091786
90128953IRGC 128953 Bandjar SolokOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1797 CHA SD1091805
91128960IRGC 128960 BenekOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 872 CHA SD1091816
92128974IRGC 128974 BrentelOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 659 CHA SD1091832
93128979IRGC 128979 Cantik KeumalaOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1118 CHA SD1091840
94128983IRGC 128983 Cempo DeleOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1331 CHA SD1091845
95129044IRGC 129044 IbutOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1656 CHA SD1091909
96129063IRGC 129063 KalupakOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 64 CHA SD1091929
97129090IRGC 129090 Ketan Pana ManisOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 692 CHA SD1091959
98129105IRGC 129105 KetupatOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1015 CHA SD1091977
99129112IRGC 129112 KrayanOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 636 CHA SD1091986
100129113IRGC 129113 KretekanOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1040 CHA SD1091989
101129114IRGC 129114 KrowalOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1263 CHA SD1091992
102129137IRGC 129137 Lumaik HitamOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 702 CHA SD1092017
103129175IRGC 129175 Padai Adan PutihOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 263 CHA SD1092062
104129176IRGC 129176 Padai Apui LaingOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1766 CHA SD1092065
105129177IRGC 129177 Padai AtokOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1697 CHA SD1092068
106129178IRGC 129178 Padai BaanOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 860 CHA SD1092071
107129190IRGC 129190 Padai KetanOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1186 CHA SD1092083
108129197IRGC 129197 Padai PalapakOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 468 CHA SD1092097
109129199IRGC 129199 Padai PanciOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1211 CHA SD1092101
110129200IRGC 129200 Padai Pulut Bale KulitOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1171 CHA SD1092104
111129201IRGC 129201 Padai Pulut MerahOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1950 CHA SD1092107
112129202IRGC 129202 Padai Pulut MpengOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 368 CHA SD1092110
113129206IRGC 129206 Padai Pulut SawahOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1712 CHA SD1092117
114129208IRGC 129208 Padai TalunOryza sativa L. Indonesia02014WS 1942 CHA SD1092121

International Rice Genebank Germplasm Distribution and Exchange Policy

IRRI continues the free international exchange of germplasm, in accordance with the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA). We provide rice in small quantities to any entity or establishment for research, breeding, or training for food and agriculture purposes; free of charge. At the same time, we gratefully receive seed contributions to add to our collection.

The procedure for acquiring seeds from IRRI are as follows:
1. Read, study and comply with Standard Material Transfer Agreement(SMTA).
2. Inquire, search and choose accessions through GRIN-Global or Genesys websites.
3. Submit requests electronically through the public websites (refer to #2)